1UZ in Thai longtail boat

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    Not much
    HOW LONG WAS ADAM IN EDEN (few hours)
    Following on since it started brilliantly without coolant.
    Connected up the electrical fans on the oil cooler and the thermo switch on the radiator.
    Tanked up with coolant - 11-12 liters.
    I have a significant voltage drop somewhere in the ignition circuit so must use a jumper cable from battery to close to the ECU loom in order to start.
    Started immediately with flying honors. Running SMOOTH AS SILK , as we say, on all 8.
    Adjusted idle to 450/500. Checking gauges working.
    Stop / start a few times, checking a bit. All 5 oil cooler fans working as they should.
    Starting and let it run, want it up to 80+ degrees in order to check that thermo switch and radiator fan relays are working.

    After 15 + minutes or so, white smoke spotted from the exhaust pipe serving cylinders 2 and 4. (The exhaust is normally totally invisible.)
    What now? Checking by hand the pressure of the exhaust coming out of the pipes, sure - cylinder 2 or 4 not working.
    Checking spark plug 2 and 4, they fire OK.
    Off with air intake conduit - checking injectors and ther plugs - sure enough - black wire broken in one of the injector plugs.
    OK, searching scrapyards for plugs today.

    Conclude to run on 7 until warm so that I at least can tick off the thermo switch and the relays as being OK.
    Start? Nee way. Stone dead. Not one cylinder firing. Checking wiring around coils and igniters - seem OK. Still stone dead.
    Have a spare ECU that I can put in and test next time I decide to have a go.

    Getting a bit bored with problems now.
    Seems Murphy is following med closesly most of the time and sometimes (too often) he catches up.

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