1999 vvti combination meter speedo

Discussion in 'Wiring' started by dannyboy77, Feb 11, 2019 at 2:24 PM.

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    Hi all i am taking the engine and auto gb out of a vvti 1999 ls400. I am also taking the combination meter too. I am making a buggy so would like the combi meter from the donar car so I know all marries up. I am taking the engine management and body ecu across as I see I need the mps communication wiring for the combi meter. I have stripped the car down to what wiring I need so I know it works (hopefully) when I take it all out and move it across
    The only thing I can't get working is the speedo. I have the fsm wiring and 4 volume manual from faxon and see that the speedo needs input from the air suspension pps and sat nav ecu. It is a purple and white wire.
    Is there any bypass or alternative wiring to get the speedo working?

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