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    1. Rodan Wrangler
      Rodan Wrangler
      1. gloverman
        Hello James. There are a few suppliers of manifolds over here and they are often hard to deal with. Check out CSL camshafts in Palmerston north and Hartley engineering. (hartley race engines) . If you don't have luck with these guys we can go back to the drawing board. If you need an NZ address to send it to I can help then I can post it as a gift.
        Feb 15, 2018
    2. Holmsey
      Hi not sure if this is a PM.. You said to PM you and you could give me some pointers where my wiring maybe wrong, to sort my iac fault. I do appreciate your help mate. My personal email is I keep asking Bushwacker but he rarely gets back to me.. Regards David Holmes
    3. M.Rad.
      Hi Gloverman, I am in need of your advice. I am in the process of removing my cylinder heads ('97 1UZFE), and need instruction on how to re-align the intake and exhaust cams (especially the split gear exhaust cam). I have read a couple of poorly written explanations but they do more to confuse than enlighten me.
      I would greatly appreciate any assistance you could send my way.

    4. David L
      David L
      Have you ever done a KZH116 LWB auto AWD 1UZ conversion
    5. six2
      hi Gloverman, I'd like to do the 1UZ conversion on a 1996 KZJ78 prado (box type) with a manual gearbox. R151F which i'd love to keep.
      I'd like to buy one of your write-ups and then seek advice from you after studying it.
      I'm in Kenya so i hope to use paypal. my email is
      Thanks and Regards
    6. gloverman

      I was having a similar issue. One difference is I make a living out of 1uz conversions. I was getting around 25 phone calls a day with basic questions that many people where too lazy to research (or simply think about ) for themselves so I sat down and wrote up some conversion instructions. I now sell these and they have given me more time every day. I also provide email support and understand when I get the odd silly basic question. This was a way for me to identify the really good customers and I help them over the coarse of the conversion. I was starting to become a grumpy prick. (sideshow got like this after too much forum pressure). I now pick and chose who I help for free. Forums are great but they also hinder a lot of people as incorrect advice is given.
      For you if you don't know I would simply say that you are not sure or suggest the person does some research.

      Hope this helps. Good to see your Mitsi is coming along nicely. Have you driven it yet?
    7. pajman
      Hi Kelvin,
      I'm wondering what your thoughts are on people coming on this forum and others asking basically for a "how to" on doing their conversions.
      I've done mine and still learning and making mistakes along the way , by gathering info over the years , and posting here what Ive done , for all to read and use . But being asked to do an A to Z on how to do it is abit ....shall I say lazy . These forums are great and Ive been able to do some stuff on my project that years ago would have scared the shit out of me. And lots of people including yourself have helped me , and I've advised a couple of people to ask you as well for advice. I don't want to tell these people to shall I say "go away" but as I'm still really only a back yard DYIer , I think they would be better off learning off the net etc . So what do you reckon is a good response to these requests.
    8. gloverman

      Flick me a message at and I will ask some questions so I can work out a price for you.

    9. kahoon
      Hey, im from north of auckland and have resently cooked the motor in my mazda proceed 4x4, thinking about the 1uz conversion, do you do them and can you give me an idea on the cost to get it done if you do, cheers,kahui.
    10. gloverman
      Give conversion componants a call. The mans name is Colin. Based just outside hamilton. Cheers
    11. tasmm
      Hi Gloverman,
      can you tell me the name of the company that makes the 1uz to tti sequential bell housings in NZ,

      Cheers, Martin
    12. Phillip.Scholtz
      Hi Gloverman.

      I am from South Africa and need to wire my 1UZ Non VVTI engine for my Pajero. Can you please help with the pinouts for the ECU - 89661-3A240; 4 plugs - 24p 22p 16p 28p; 1997 Crown / Majesta UZS157
    13. bullstarz
      As you know a fair bit about the 1uz what the best piston rod combination for strength and price.
    14. One9894runner
      Would your instructions include the 88 89 4runner that you have for sale on your website?
    15. Zoolah
      Hi! I'm from Russia and got a little problem finding out how to wire 1UZ ECU (89661-3A080) to my Toyota Cresta GX100, the main thing is that I've got no plug for 28P on ECU, the second- I don't have any wiring diagram, would appreсiate any help. My e-mail is, please help or tell where can I get that help. Thanx in advance!
    16. UZX73
      gday. got a question. is it possible at all to use a hiace manual behind a 1UZ? will the bellhousing bolt up or do i need an adapter plate with the UZ bellhousing?
    17. thalj
      hi gloverman i have turned private message off.
    18. gloverman
      Simple answer is no for JDM spec engines. Some UK and US spec UCF20 cars had immobiliser in 1997/98. I have never looked for factory manuals as I have never needed them. I have written a set of conversion instructions and am working on a preparation sheets which would help you. Im going to be doing a special for converison and prep instructions for $150. Contact my workshop to buy a set. Cheers kelvin
    19. pinkytamz
      hi and i know some one else bugging you . but i will be buying parts off you very soon just as soon as i buy engines . i only have one question i have some concerns about buying the two engines i need for my surf and my mates and that is if i buy two 1uzfe engines with part numbers ( 89661-50240 and built date from 1994 - 1997 is do thay have the immobiliser system . i have been looking for this info for months and the only info i can find is you ...i wonder if i can buy the factory toyota manuals ( you know the blue factory ones ) i have some mates that work in the timaru one
    20. RyanUkAus
      G'day Gloverman!

      I currently have a 1UZFE vvti engine in my 1992 4runner (auto), it's ready to go but has an immobiliser system on it so refuses to start, I 've been at this conversion for over a year and half now so any advice / help on how to get my engine running would be very appreciated, thanks!
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