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May 24, 2017 at 2:48 PM
    1. victorgarage
      I need immo bypass for 3uzfe george..
      Please email me at
    2. George_R
      Jim, try sending me a pm rather than visitor message
      The engine is too old for me , I never mess with such stuff
      However you can still look for it at Wilbo's page, or buy a CD / book from Japan. If you plan to work with these engines in future, the $25 that the cd's worth is nothing. If not, leave the engine for someone else
    3. sideshow
      1JZ-GE CROWN JZS141 A/T 89661-30830

      hey George do u know much about this ecu
      im trying to help the shop I used to ork at
      they sold a jzs141 non turbo 1j engine and ecu and loom
      the part number of ecu is that above

      the problem is they sent the wrong auto
      the auto has a 6 pin plug for the solenoids
      which is normally 2 powers to trigger solenoid a and b

      then im guessing 2 ign powers for lock up sol and line press sol

      and it has 3 pin speedo sensor for dash
      and 3 pin sp2+ sp2- sensor for auto which u normally need to run thru module to get correct signal to ecu

      now the engine loom has only a 3 pin plug for the solenoids
      just like the soarer and its sol 1 and sol 2 and sol 3

      so im trying to figure out if the gearbox matches the ecu and engine
      and the loom is wrong
      or the loom matches engine and ecu and gearbox is wrong

      basically do u know what solenoid wiring is like on a crown jzs141 1j non turbo
      is it a 3 pin plug or a 6 pin plug

    4. George_R
      hey Jim!
      what's the ECU's part number? 89661-? I will most likely be able to bypass it
    5. sideshow
      hey George
      I wired up an Australian mr2 3sge engine but it has an immobiliser
      the jap ecus didn't have immobiliser and the australain ones did
      but these are hard to find ecus as most have 3 plugs on the ecu
      the later ones which are aussie and some Japanese have 4 plugs on them

      would u be able to bypass the immob on these ecus
      when I wired the ecu it would not start then I said to shop maybe it has immob
      so we rang totyota and they said yes it does
      so we fitted a jap spec ecu and repinned wire and I got it started
      but it doesn't run perfect on the jap spec ecu
      so im seeing what other options the shop has
    6. George_R
      dragtor, отправил email
    7. dragtor
      Привет! Георгий (правильно?) Вот наткнулся на в поиске на этот форум, смотрю ты (можно на "ты"?) из России) В общем мы планируем 3узет в 21 волгу ставить, вопрос сейчас в том нужно ли шить мозг, и, если "да", где это делать. У нас 89661-50590. Я так понял, у него иммо не встроен, а отдельным блоком идёт. Сколько твоя работа стоить будет, если нужно с ним всё же что-то делать?
    8. George_R
      Hi Simon!Just answered you via PM
    9. samsdad
      Hi George

      I hope you can help me and not for your 1uz knowledge. I'm chasing a left hand outer tie rod end for a 1974 MX10 corona mark 2. perhaps you may have a contact that can help? So far aside from getting one made at a horrific price we are out of options. If you're on face book I run the toyota hilux surf owners page and also the 1UZ Hilux owners page to which a few people here are members. We'd be honored to have you join these groups.


    10. George_R
      Owen_88 , my work on immo bypass involves making some specific device, and then programming it into ECU's memory. My bypass device, in turn, is also programmable. So it's not something easy to do. I can only offer my service.

      Regarding bench test, immobilizer system will allow ECU to do everything except fuel and spark. You will be able to read DTCs, operate drive by wire throttle, hear solenoid operation in the transmission, turn the engine over for a quick comp test, etc etc... that's pretty much enough to judge if the engine is in good shape

      As for the factory immo system, you only need the key that starts the car when buying ECU. Compatible ignition barrel's antenna and amplifier can be sourced from a variety of Toyotas
    11. Owen_88
      Hi George, I'm from the UK and have just got a VVTI 1UZ, are you able to advise how you make the bypass kits? I really want to get mine bench tested but don't have the ignition barrel and key from the donor car.

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