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  1. Zaurator
    Zaurator Zuffen
    Greetings from Russia.
    Tell me please where can I find the tuning section and improvements on 1uzfe. build a car for drift. so where is better to snap spare parts
  2. Rodan Wrangler
    Rodan Wrangler gloverman
    1. gloverman
      Hello James. There are a few suppliers of manifolds over here and they are often hard to deal with. Check out CSL camshafts in Palmerston north and Hartley engineering. (hartley race engines) . If you don't have luck with these guys we can go back to the drawing board. If you need an NZ address to send it to I can help then I can post it as a gift.
      Feb 15, 2018
  3. odelarosa
    Toyota Altezza 1uz VVT-I MT(W58)
  4. Nomoreworries
  5. Nomoreworries
    I ls400 put a starter in , just hooked up starter wires, should the starter turn over without anything else hooked up
  6. uknuta713
    uknuta713 samsdad
    I was wondering if you had a pin out for a 89661-50380 ecu from a ucf21?
  7. Courier 1uzfe
    Courier 1uzfe
    Looking for more HP
  8. Pim
    Pim nesponge
    Stewart, you mentioned you had images of the conversion of a 1UZ into a Discovery, i would be exceptionally interested in those and any and all information you could provide to make this slightly easier for me. Thank you kindly.
  9. Joe Murcia
  10. Uncle stump
    Uncle stump cebby
    I kinda got lost and never fully understood if our questions are the same or not.... Can I run a 1uz in my 95 4runner with my factory 4runner transmission/transfer case or do they have to be swapped as well.....I don't mind using the LA transmission I just can't do a clutch....Because I am missing my left leg
  11. Uncle stump
    Uncle stump cebby
    Hey bud.... I'm new but I saw you looking for a new/different 1uz.... The Facebook marketplace has ls400's in my area pretty cheap.... Saw one the other day for $400 yeah the whole car for $400!
  12. 1uz_Supramk3
  13. 1uz_Supramk3
    1uz_Supramk3 stevechumo
    Hey Steve. I'm looking to turbo my 1uz on maybe 8 psi. Just looking for extra horses
  14. Wmarcelo
    Anyone interested in a full 1uz swap kit for the 240sx s13 + a good motor and ka24de trans $$$2,500 obo located in SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO CA
  15. redhed
    Do more than exist.... LIVE!
  16. dgreen
    dgreen George_R
    thanks George_r . I am in need of pin out for 89661-3a590 ecu any help would be great thanks.
  17. Soarer4.0GT-L
    Soarer4.0GT-L markstoys
    Good Afternoon Mark, came across your pictures for the 180 degree headers and I would like to ask you about them.
  18. George_R
    Everyone willing to contact me - if PM don't work, post your email and question here. I will be in touch in a few days
  19. Holmsey
    Holmsey gloverman
    Hi not sure if this is a PM.. You said to PM you and you could give me some pointers where my wiring maybe wrong, to sort my iac fault. I do appreciate your help mate. My personal email is I keep asking Bushwacker but he rarely gets back to me.. Regards David Holmes
  20. Guillaume Jordaan
    Guillaume Jordaan
    Life is a song. Live it flat out