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  1. 1uz_Supramk3
  2. 1uz_Supramk3
    1uz_Supramk3 stevechumo
    Hey Steve. I'm looking to turbo my 1uz on maybe 8 psi. Just looking for extra horses
  3. Wmarcelo
    Anyone interested in a full 1uz swap kit for the 240sx s13 + a good motor and ka24de trans $$$2,500 obo located in SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO CA
  4. redhed
    Do more than exist.... LIVE!
  5. dgreen
    dgreen George_R
    thanks George_r . I am in need of pin out for 89661-3a590 ecu any help would be great thanks.
  6. Soarer4.0GT-L
    Soarer4.0GT-L markstoys
    Good Afternoon Mark, came across your pictures for the 180 degree headers and I would like to ask you about them.
  7. George_R
    Everyone willing to contact me - if PM don't work, post your email and question here. I will be in touch in a few days
  8. Holmsey
    Holmsey gloverman
    Hi not sure if this is a PM.. You said to PM you and you could give me some pointers where my wiring maybe wrong, to sort my iac fault. I do appreciate your help mate. My personal email is I keep asking Bushwacker but he rarely gets back to me.. Regards David Holmes
  9. Guillaume Jordaan
    Guillaume Jordaan
    Life is a song. Live it flat out
  10. d.p.n.s
    d.p.n.s autronic
    Hi...just a long shot but I don't suppose you still have the 1uz to ford type 9 adapter drawing ?
    If so anychance you could email me.

  11. Tiaan
  12. Tiaan
  13. M.Rad.
    Hi Gloverman, thanks for the quick reply. I was a moron and removed the ex. cams before reading the instructions and so didn't secure the gears. I saw a post (somewhere) that showed a guy who clamped the cam in a vise (on the flats) and used a screw driver and punch to line up the holes. Is that ok to do?

    And it looks like I won't be putting this motor back together anyway-I found out today I've got bent intakes on #8, #6, &#2, so that probably means damaged pistons too. So it's time for a new motor. I posted about this on Club Lexus in the performance and maintenance section, if you want to take a look. I can't figure out why the belt would jump at less than 3k rpm, steady cruise, and only about 3 years since I installed a new one and all the goodies..
    Anyway, thank you again for your help.

  14. gloverman
    gloverman M.Rad.

    The split gears are really easy if you pin them before disassembly. Line up the cam timing as per normal and you will find the split gears will have a set of dots which align. Make note of these. Then you will find that there are some holes through one of the split halves with a 6mm thread in the other side of the gear. Fit a short M6 bolt which will stop the split gear moving and you and disassemble and reassemble as normal. Just remember to remove the M6 before running the engine.
  15. M.Rad.
    M.Rad. gloverman
    Hi Gloverman, I am in need of your advice. I am in the process of removing my cylinder heads ('97 1UZFE), and need instruction on how to re-align the intake and exhaust cams (especially the split gear exhaust cam). I have read a couple of poorly written explanations but they do more to confuse than enlighten me.
    I would greatly appreciate any assistance you could send my way.

  16. argus1uzfe
    argus1uzfe Lextreme
    Dear Lex,

    Good day. I hope all is well your side.

    I write to you from Pakistan.

    I am looking to source polished/ported heads for the following engines:

    1. 1 x 1UZ-FE non VVTi out of an LS400 that I have swapped in my 1981 Mazda RX-7. Have also attached a roots type supercharger to it as of now. Picture attached.

    2. 1 x 2UZ-FE. Is currently the stock/factory power plant in a 2010 model Toyota LandCruiser - this car has a custom exhaust job only.

    Looking to make more power (we can never have enough, of course)

    Interested in what products or custom job you may suggest for the above.

    Thanks for your advice.

    Best regards.

    Ali Raza Gul

    The Lube Shop

    Cell +923060652518


  17. Iggy
    IIf the money is right on the Tudor, I would grab it with both hands....
    I've looked on your site a few times, you are definitely the man to know.....

    Surprisingly, their is almost no one making t bodies, I was going to produce a couple of body styles to sell on, but the market just isn't there.
    I had it in my mind to build a kit based on an mx5, but when you step back, the iva has killed the kit car industry.
    There is a c cab body on eBay now, its one of the 5 revenge ( Nick Butler ) bodies that was made.
    Cool looking body but he is asking too much for it, he had it up for £2000 but he now has a £1250 buy it now, I was going to offer £500, its creeping up to that and not meet the reserve.
    If there is anything you need, I might be able to help
  18. Iggy
    Iggy camaro68
    I did try to send you a PM yesterday, but I dont think it went across, I'm more or less in the same position as you.
    I dragged my T out of some bushes about 8 years ago, it was a rod, but most of the good bits were missing, it had a frontal and really was scrap, but I kept the registration and chassis number tried to salvage what I could.
    I'm now pensioned off work due to I'll health, so I have loads of time on my hand's to do whatever I can.
    I guess we are at the same level build wise, I have everything to complete the build apart from the rear axle.
    I'll keep you up to speed, but no pictures yet.
    Take care,
  19. camaro68
    camaro68 Iggy
    Sure did mate, have a look on my web site,
    there's a pic of the T bucket that I started to build way back in 2000, had to get rid of that one unfortunately. Have diff, engine,trans, for the new one so far. Have an option on a 23 tudor that's in a hedge, am in 2 minds about it, it's not a RPU but it's steel and has the title with it.
  20. Iggy
    Iggy camaro68
    Did you receive my reply PM, I'm not sure if I sent it or not.....