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  1. uzfesx
    bought a SC motor without realizing that Toyota decided to make it rear sump :/
  2. Luciano
    Luciano 4U2QUIK
    Hello i just purchased a 1981 Cressida x60 with the 5me in it currently and I want to swap a 1uz into it and a quick google search brought me to this forum. I was wondering if you still make parts for these Cressidas and what kind of pointers you got. I was thinking of just buying a 92 sc400 for the engine, transmission, drivetrain, harness and whatever else I needed. Thank you.
  3. Jcrawl
    In a state of confusion
  4. Tarek
    Tarek RocketFoundry
    Hello,i want a 1uz VVTI charger Manifold. Kindly send price and& Pics to
  5. Kang
    If the pics don't go I'll link my YouTube channel and you can follow along with the build.
  6. Kang
    I've the 4runner completely stripped and ready for body work and frame restoration. Will post pics as soon as I find out how lol.
  7. Kang
    Hello, I've a fun project in the works. My 87 4runner is undergoing a makeover into an overland dream.
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  8. camo 32v dohc
    camo 32v dohc
    Chasing information on a 89661-50070 1uzfe ecu pinout diagram
  9. Synchromash
    I'll be honest, I'm just here to swap sump parts because I wasn't in the know enough when I bought my motor.
  10. Kirk
    Kirk andrewzuku
    Hey Andrew
    Stumbled across the Hilux you built. Thought I'd let you know it's still alive. I bought it around a month ago.
    The last owner just fitted a new 4.8 ratio lsd.
    I've repaired and welded the floor pans and replaced the seats.
    It's currently in getting a new splitronics ecu, tcu and wiring loom. Then a Dyno.
    I plan to use it as my daily.
    Love your work
  11. Swan song
    Swan song gloverman
    Do you know if the IACV is constantly used to maintain the idle for the engine? Or is the IACV only for when the motor is cold, and once the engine is warmed up it should be able to idle all on its own?
    1. gloverman
      used all the time.
      Jun 25, 2018
  12. Swan song
    Swan song gloverman
    What is the detailed process for taking this IACV motor apart?
    1. gloverman
      Sorry i dont have a detailed process. I sort of just know how to do it. Theres a bit of a trick to prying it in just the correct spot for the crimps to let go.
      Jun 25, 2018
  13. Swan song
    Swan song gloverman
    One other issue I should mention is that it would idle 1 out of 10 starts. It would adjust idle, and at some point die. Now, however, even resetting the battery power, it won’t idle at all. I’m thinking it needs an IACV. alas, it is the type with no screws to rebuild the IACV motor and bearings.
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    2. gloverman
      Yes mrel opens the relay for +b and +b1 and the IAC. Fc and fpr can be tethered to negative trigger a relay for the fuel pump.
      Jun 10, 2018
    3. gloverman
      To pull the IAC apart you remove the roll pin to remove the motor from the body.
      Jun 10, 2018
    4. gloverman
      Then strip the motor apart. Theres a trick to pry them to bits.
      Jun 10, 2018
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  14. Swan song
    Swan song gloverman
    1. gloverman
      Hello. Have you tested the IAC as I suggested to ( Dave ) holmsy in that thread? What was the result? I thought I'd sorted most of vinces poor wiring jobs but it appears not.
      Jun 7, 2018
    2. Swan song
      Swan song
      Well, I’ve never met Vince. I wired my entire swap using this wiring diagram for the relays:
      I’m pretty good with wiring, but can’t help wondering if there is a splice I accidentally cut out that would feed power to the IACV. I haven’t checked the IACV for power since it’s a nightmare to get my leads into the plug. That will be my next step.
      Jun 7, 2018
  15. Paj4000
    Paj4000 ak47prince
    Hi mate do you have a basic list of wires that need to be powered and grounded to power up a 1uzfe ecm. Thanks
  16. Jason Feck
    Jason Feck
    Hi guys, first time posting, but really want to find someone who has manufactured a ITB manifold for the 1uz vvti engines?
  17. George_R
    naeem yes I can do i, pm or email me, or go to my facebook group called ALL4SWAP
  18. naeem
    naeem George_R
    HELLO MR GEORGE can you decode ecu 1mzfe camry 2006
  19. F3ARED
    F3ARED hungryforinfo
    Hey mate, probably a long shot given you havent logged in in a while but stumbled across your posts when researching 1UZ into Disco1. Any chance you still have the adaptor and or have photos of it?
  20. Brenton Curtis Tyler
    Brenton Curtis Tyler Lextreme
    Hey man....I may have ended up with one of your old engines, and had a few questions for you...