Lexus V8 Injectors Upgrade






The stock Lexus SC400 and LS400 1UZFE injectors are top feed high impedance 13.8 ohm with 251 cc/min and estimated around 50.2 bhp each injector or 401.6 bhp total.  If you plan to have any type of forced induction like turbo, supercharged or NOS, larger injector will be needed. Stock injector is max out around 6-7 psi.  Anything higher than that will require larger injectors.  Upgrade to 440 cc/min will yield around 86.0 bhp each that is around 688 bhp total. 

If you want to know how many horse power is your injector good for.  Just use the injector size, usually its in cc/min. time 5.  That will give you bhp.  More Injector information  For Example:  Stock 1UZFE is 251 cc/min time 5 is about 50.2 bhp.  The injectors below are used, but clean, balanced with new O-Rings by injector professional.  They are guarantee to work.

Flow Rate Purchase It Now Ohm Max bhp Boost Connector
251 cc/min   High 400 bhp <7 psi Plug & Play
295 cc/min ($250)
High 472 bhp 8-10 psi Plug & Play
315 cc/min ($295)
High 504 bhp 10-12 psi Plug & Play
460 cc/min ($350)
high 704 bhp 15-18 psi Plug & Play
550 cc/min ($420)
High 880 bhp 18-22 psi Plug & Play or Square