wiring temp gauge

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hey guys, i am looking at installing a temp gauge and was wondering can i wire it up to the standard temp gauge??? it a electrical one so i cant really see a problem.
Highly doubt it. The 'sender' mostly likely operated on different parameters, which is effectively the one you'd be using.

You need to get the appropriate sending unit.
Any decent temp guage will come with a temp sender, just unscrew the factory one and replace it (will look the same) with the one for your guage.

Otherwise it will be like your speedo trying to read a tacho signal, just the wrong info coming in.
y do u want a temp gauuge

goin by yr nick name i guess uhave a hilux with 1uz

well the temp gauge should read the same as factory even with the lexus coolant temp sender for the dash

is it cause u cant find the temp wire
\well u need to drilhole and tap thread to suti the new temp sensor

one problem if u can even join the new gage off the old sensor

if u have 2 gauges runnning of one snesor it sometimes halves to value to each gauge so u stuff up the original temp gauge aswell when adding another guage to it
I know the factory temp guage has a very poor record of accuracy and I assume you have seen threads by Boof and Twisty recommending a good aftermarket guage. The factory guage can be very simply modified to be spot on and it will only cost you a couple of dollars and 10 minutes of soldering. If you log on to the Surf forum (www.toyotasurf.asn.au/forum) you will find with a little searching, a thread entitled "Modify your temp guage for $2" or something similar. I have done it and tested it on the stove with heated water and and it corresponds exactly with the photos and results on this thread. By doing this mod, you will save money, but also, I always think that aftermarket guages look a little ordinary in the dash no matter how hard you try to make them look good.
Bumping this ancient thread to see if anyone has the information posted by @duza about modifiying the factory sensor, wiring, or guage.

The Toyotasurf forum is long since gone and the links posted by @Muzza_NZ are dead.

Cheers, Chris
To date no one seems to have done what you want.

I have an additional sensor in my cooling system that tells me the temp and has for the last 15 years.

Adding a temp sender isn't hard and worth it.