We need more boat people here

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.
gday new here but i am just about to convert my 21ft jet boat which currently runs a 351 ford cleveland. I am looking at the 4l v8 lexus but i have a few q's which i hope you can help with.
1. ecu - i have heard that microtech is the best but then some say link does anyone have any opinion. i am looking for something that i can just plug in and leave.

2. fuel pump - have also heard 1 need to purchase a new fuel pump?

3. wondering if anywhere does a kit with watercooled amnifolds, risers, ecu, engine mounts, etc

your help would be appreciated
cheers chew


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My good friend has one of THE Toyota X-Games wakeboarding boats with the 1UZ in it. It runs awesome!! I'll try and get some pictures when we take it up to Bass lake this summer. It's in storage until then.

I would HIGHLY recommend buying a 1UZ marine engine somehow. Or you need to locate/ buy a manual for one and make sure you have everything that is required for converting a 1UZ into a marine spec. The information is out there I know. It can't be that hard at all. I'm sure the marine 1UZ revs higher and doesn't have the strict emissions components on them.