Video--Toyota Motor Sports Lexus Epic Marine Ski Boat Engine 4.0L DOHC 300 HP

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One of my best friends has one of those Toyota ski boats. It hauls butt. There were only a few made and his was actually the backup for the main Toyota wakeboard boat for the X-Games. It's been all over California and on the 4th of July I actually saw him across Bass Lake because the graphics are really easy to spot. So I snuck up on him, jumped aboard and yelled to him to hand me another beer =] he freaked out!

I'll have to get a good picture of it sometime soon. That engine sounds tight wound out over the water.


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to bad Toyota picked a jack ass to build the boats. He left the molds in the sun and they warped creating a dangerous hook. When the boats are in a tight turn, they cannot recover without stopping.....what an idiot!!:madfawk:
I wish they would have consulted me first. I could have hooked them up with some very good men that know how to build boats....