UZZ31 Toyota Soarer. No power to fuel pump :/

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Hello guys, I had another account but seemingly forgot my password and got locked out so made a new one!

Anyway, just hoping someone can lend some advice here.

JDM 1991 UZZ31 Toyota Soarer (SC 400).

My problems are as follows:

1. Turn key, engine cranks, fuel pump will not engage. There is no power to fuel pump. This is the major issue.
2. Fuel pump works (car starts) with a wire/switch rigged from the battery to the back seat/fuel pump however.
3. Car requires accelerator to start. Will not start without accelerator.
4. Idle is low in P+D, and will stall til car warms up unless foot is on accelerator, then idle sits at 500 rpm in park and drive but car will not stall.
5. Engine electrical error warning on dash - cannot bring codes up, tried 2 different ECU's (both being recapped and known to work in other vehicles).

So, engine codes are not working, displaying EFI - - or ECT - - instead of actual codes.
Everything under the hood is brand new, replaced for a major service. Issues were same before new parts.
I am suspect on the circuit opening relay, that's the only thing that really hasn't been tested... All other known fuses/relays are fine.
Could the COR cause error codes to not work, as well as fuel pump, and the idle issue?

Any advice appreciated.