Suppliers of 1UZFE marine boat parts.

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.

quadcam boat

Emerald, Qld Australia
To help out other people who are building maranised 1UZFE engines, I have started this post as a list of supliers. Feel free to add more!!

Kingcaid Marine, Sydney NSW ph 03 9308 0922 [email protected]
Maunfacturer of Rolco brand maranising gear for 1UZFE and all general boat parts.

Kade Speed and Marine, Emerald QLD ph (07) 49875393 [email protected]
Cam driven water pumps for the 1UZFE and any other custom parts. Also dealer for Rolco. Check out this post

Ray Hall turbocharging, Cairns QLD ph 07 4051 6672 [email protected]
Suplier of fully sealed, waterproof Autronic ECU's for your boat.
Where do I buy marine manifolds??

Can anyone help. Where do I buy marine manifolds for LS400?
Email address for these suppliers

Does anyone have email addresses for these suppliers

Kingcaid Marine, Sydney NSW ph...

Kade Speed and Marine, Emerald QLD ph (07) 49875393

Ray Hall turbocharging, Cairns QLD ph..
Hi there rod i make ss water cooled exhaust manifolds for 1uzs they are 3" dumps
with a 4" outer skin for the water to cool
like the 1s in the jag setup photo, i will put some photos of them soon
i all so make all other 1uz marinizing parts fly wheels bell housings engine mounts etc etc PM me if you are intrested thanks
Need exhaust manifolds for E22 Toyota Marine - Epic

Anyone have solutions other than current single USA supplier ( $750 US is high for my budget. I need both sides!