Rpms Trying To Stay Above 0

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OK TODAY IAM DRIVING AND WHEN i come to a stop the
idel goes below 1 and almost to 0 then it jumps back
with a up and down type of rev, this also happend
when i put in my new intake but stopped, its back
again, once i was turning and it died on me, mostly
it has a hard type of bog, could this be my
injectors? i put in a new fuel filter last year as well as plugs and caps,
also tried to pull the pully for the gas and
trackion cord, but that didnt help just made the
rpms jump too high when in park. do u have any
suggestions? sc400 1993


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Maybe it's a vacuum leak? My Saturn has a vacuum leak and it does the same thing.

I don't know a whole lot about this kind of stuff, but that's what my research on the issue pointed me too.