No Oil Pressure - Solution

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Patrick Bateman

New Member
This may have been covered before but it doesn't hurt to post it again.

Engine hasn't been started for almost 2 years now.
Haltech and fuel system all sorted
Just needed to confirm oil was flowing from the turbo oil feed pipe before enabling injectors.
Cranked about 5 times for 10 seconds and nothing was coming out.
Checked all the fittings and no blockages
Oil filter had been filled with oil.
Removed the oil filter housing from the side of the block and it was dry.

Using a syringe and tube, pumped about 50ml of oil into the pump outlet pipe (pictured)

Cranked, and oil pressure was restored instantly.
Seems like the pump was running dry and was having trouble sucking oil up.
A bit of oil down the pipe helped the pump get a better seal and started sucking.
Hope this helps someone not spin the bearings on their old engine.