Megasquirt adjustment issues

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Melbourne, Australia
With the help of ugp (Ben) I've been attempting to get a base tune for my 1UZ but I'm having issues with the cam and crank loosing sync. This has been a stop/start project due to work/life issues and with Ben in the UK and me in Melbourne,Austraila, time differences are an issue.

Anyway, I can get the motor started and idleing with the R11/R32 and R52/R56 pots wound out counter clockwise as instructed, but the motor won't rev past 1400rpm. Using the composite logger, and adjusting the R11 and R52 pots, I can get a clean rev and signal out past 4500rpm which is good. But with everything in this position,and nothing else changed, the motor won't restart and there's no evidence of syncing when cranking is occurring. Adjusting the cam and crank rising/falling edge settings doesn't help either.

The only way the motor will restart is to wind the pots back out and with that I lose the ability to rev again.

I need to get past this issue before I can do anything else but I'm out of ideas.

Anyone experienced similar issues? The attachment below shows the clean rev signal from the data log.


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Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia
I am building nd installing lots of MS1 with v1.3 and even v2.2 board and ms extra software on 1uzfe both vvti and non vti...
but i never experiencing any of your probs, maybe u vould send me ur base map start and i maybe could take look at what you got it wromg...
also send the datalog and logger tooth from ur setup map