LS400T Vs. STi

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Early tonight about 9:00 pm on 10 freeway. I noticed a very new STi with huge exhaust pipe. For some reasons we cruised side by side. I was on the 2nd lane and he was in the first lane (fastlane in US) We cruised side by side for about few miles and I think he noticed my boost gauge. He started to pull hard away from me and I kept up with him. We both slowed down and I push "HIGH BOOST" Setting on my EBC to 18 psi. At 18 psi my car was dynoed almost 400 rwhp. That is about 450 bhp. For a heavy sedan its a pretty good ride.

From there we both gunned hard. He had a jump on me initially but after 2 seconds or so. I flew by him like a rocket. I bet he was surprise an old LS400 passing him.

On the third time we did it again and he still smell my smoke. The engine felt great and the car pulls hard. On the freeway, not too many mildly mod car can match this old LS.

Lexus should be proud...


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Nice kill my lil brother has told me about you, not sure if he has spoken to you but he's abandoned his big turbo sc400 project. Now I think he wants a 350z, go figure. I was hoping to run him now with my new setup since Stg 2 made short work of him wanting to see Stg 5 plus results. He always talks about your car and I see why!


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hellz yes! i love it! being a previous subie owner, i had a hard time getting my 93 sc400. my r154 1uz is fun compared to the subie, but this makes me wanna put my big single turbo one and quit BS'n.