LS400 Manual Swap

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Time for an update!!!!!!!!


Had my first drift event, and the last one of the year yesterday...took me long enough. Started the day just ok. I've never slid any car right since I've only owned open diff RWD cars...AP1 doesn't count. Did decent on the skidpad so I immediately moved over to the small track. Went out with a couple of people a few laps, and then all my friends had to leave so I decided to pack the car...well that turned out to be pretty awesome because it helped a lot with the transitions. Had an absolute blast until I completely blew out and debeaded 2 tires and crushed the exhaust haha, oh well. Had a blast regardless until my phantom misfire issue returned towards the end of the day. For some reason it begins running like **** and misfires from running lean. Have 4 months to figure it out....Anywho, here are the photos. I take 0 credit for any of these, and credit is posted unless watermarked.

Photo credit to Sarah Boucher

Photo credit to Scott Chiang

Tomorrow or Tuesday I'll toss the car on jackstands and start assessing the damage to the exhaust, and the modifications I'll need to do to get the rear back to 0 camber, as well as more steering angle, and some more torque.


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Hey man, sick build, I am about to do one myself the next few years, how is it going? Still got the ls? :)


Cool pics...
1. Where'd you land on final weight? I got pretty extreme, but got to 2900 with full fuel, no driver (full welded cage too)
2. What are you running for engine management? I thought stock ecu pulled timing and ran in limp without the auto trans?

Looking at the thread, this is a bit late, but for exhaust, I went through 3 revisions. My last one shown below. Light, works and sounds great..

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