Lextremers in Socal Sign In

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.
How about a Nos system for another $1500? It's nothing compared to the on-going $80K. As you see that there're a lot of Dodge Magnum Charger, Chrysler 300, BMW 5 series, or even Mercedes out there think they're kings. Show them what Lexus is capable of.

if anything... i would not run laughing gas. I would just S/C the sucka. maybe since im going for the VIP theme to it.
No i cant say there is anything to do out here other than drive out to someplace else

Thats funnier than you know. I used to live in SD and fly Hot Air Balloons, in Palm Desert on occassion- we always drove thru Hemet. 'course it was much smaller in the '90s.

BTW, you guys are stuck with me now. I bought a 1uz from a '94 SC complete with all accessories and cali smog. Now I just gotta figure out how to stuff it into an '87 4runner with a manual tranny. Lets just call this a slow starting build. Got a bit to figure out and source, then its on. First I need to torch off the IFS and set up a front 3link/coilover straight axle setup so I have plenty of room in that engine bay.

Guys up for a meet? Saturday noon is best for me. What about you guys? The Asian Triad will bring their toys out. Who are the Asian Triad of Socal?

Stevechumo - Black 1995 SC400 Single Turbo
JamesN - Black 1995 SC400 2JZGTE Swap
Lextreme - Black 1995 SC400 with Tundra 4.7L
I thought the Asian triad was -

Bruce Lee
Jet Li
Jackie Chan

Are you sure you guys aren't the three Musketeers in a Lexus? Like Manny Moe and Jack or something?:chinese:

The great white hope may show up?..... This Saturday?
I've got some stuff to do Saturday morning but should be able to show up at noon or just a little later. Where are you guys thinking of meeting up???
Any Lextremers in San Diego or Imperial counties who will let me do a little research on their 95-97 LS400? Won't need to even start the car, just need to get some measurements for a kit and you'll be the first one to get the new kit when it's made.

If so, PM me please! Could also go up as far as Temecula.