First story, Hopefully not the last

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nice. thrashing other peoples cars is fun. i worked for a large car auction company, and the main part of my job was to deliver and pick up cars for auctions. i have thrashed almost every ***anese car made in the last twenty years, among others. we would often do runs in groups of up to six, and race down the motorway at silly speeds, following whoever had a dealer plate on (the yellow ones car dealers have for driving unregistered cars, put on the back, so if you see a speed camera, who cares, theres no plate on the front). as long as we got the car where it was going, and didn't stink of clutch, or break, or crash, it was sweet. if the car was slow, as many were, the object would be to do the maddest handbrake drifts. fun stuff.


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Dont feel sorry, Ive been waiting for this to be added to...
there must be more stories out there than just one 17y.o.'s experience with an LS430
Come on people...


damn old thread but im bored out of my mind.
I'm 17 and i own a 01' LS430. so it's alright, I prefer getting a 92' sc400 over the ls430.


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