Engine swap

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.


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Ok so I just recently purchased a 1995 sc400 but the engine is crap too many problems to rebuild, what's a good v8 I can put in there that's just a reliable and or faster than the stock 1uz
GM LS1 - its a 5.7 litre but significantly smaller than a 1UZ. Lots of potential for upgrades with aftermarket parts.
Just be aware the cost of an engine swap goes way beyond the cost of the engine.

do some numbers and think what the following will cost.

Engine mounts
Making the LS1 talk to the Toyota dash

If you can't do it all yourself get ready for a big bill.

Yesterday I collected my LS3 that was rebuilt and it cost $14,000 Aussie Dollars or around $9,500 US Dollars.

I'd just buy another running 1UZ and swap it over. You will spend way more than the car is worth fitting any other engine than a 1UZ in it.
I am new user on this forum, i am in France, my project is to work in my farm with this futur car 4x4 L200 converted and also, drive on open road.
I have the project to buy a 4x4 Mitsubishi L200 around manufactured year 2000 - 2004 and i will make the conversion with engine 1UZ-FE.
I have done some search to study how do this conversion, it is not totally clear at this moment, especially about the gearbox, i want to keep the stock Mitusibishi L200 4x4 gearbox and install the 1UZ-FE engine on it.
I will do all myself, today i try to find the engine in second hand, not easy in my place...
Could you give me some help about the question : How to keep the stock Mitusibishi L200 4x4 gearbox and install the 1UZ-FE engine on it ?
Many thanks in advance, have a nice day.