1UZFE into 300zx

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.
Modified (cut and welded) the standard 1UZ engine mount supports to take LS1 rubber mounts. LS1 mounts use a 13mm thread, 300's use a 10mm thread. Position your engine and you'll work out what needs to be done.
I just got a 1994 1uz motor for my z so I'm seeking all info that I can get to help me out. There's not much info out there to work with.
You'll probably be a little disappointed with a std 1UZ as they don't make much more power than a std VG. A std LS is a better choice however access to the rear spark plugs is a real pain when fitted into a Z32. There are conversion kits / parts available for an LS too wherea very little for a UZ. If you're up for the challenge, have the tools and shop I'm sure you will get the job done. Every conversion will have differences due to constraints (usually time, ability, tools and $). Only info I can give you is measure, measure, measure, drop the k-frame and mount the engine on the floor and then trial fit. You want to sit the engine as far back as possible and located with acceptable clearances between the firewall and trans tunnel.
1UZFE in a 300ZX Z32 is up and running on the road

Yep this was one majour pain in the arse conversion. But shes up and running.
Car is about 40kg lighter in the front and noticeably sits up on the suspension. Looks like I need a set of lowered springs for the front now.
Sump:- Started with a rear sump, milled the thing totally flat start from the front and worked all the way to the back. some custom made aluminium inserts bit of aluminium welding, made use of the standard steel pan but mounted front to back abra cadabra and one new sump. Oil pickup was lengthened 100mm. Not so hard really
Engine mounts:- modified 1UZ hangers used with quite a bit of custom ali work to bolt on LS1 rubber mounts.
Engine fits in realy neat into the engine bay, more room left around the engine that the old cast iron block v6. I made a set of custom 4 into 1's 1 5/8" primary pipes into 3" collectors with a grouping cone inside the collector. Pipes are HPC coated.
Engine is stock, mild port work on stock heads with 80lb springs. Everything inside the engine was polished, corners removed, radiused etc. 320cc injectors fitted, wolf V500, full sequential injection and ignition running toyota COP.
Auto was rebuilt with a very mild shift kit added. I designed my own tiptronic controller for the auto with a few smarts in the software to make work it shift and behave as an auto should but with manual control when I want to use it. Drives great. These things stick to the road like a go cart. It appears like there aren't too many V8 300ZX's in Melb
Challenges:- Yep the wiring was a pain in the butt, the air/con and power steering did give me greif and did take many weeks to sort out but thats half the
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That post was a while ago. Made plenty of enhancements since then.
Kingkong_876, Post some pictures of your project
I can when I start, I'm just about to pull the engine. Working on getting the parts together right now. When I start I will post some. Hey you mind filling me in on the enhancements you made?


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