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1uz swap hopefully

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Hey all,
Just bought a 4runer that has been 1uz swapped already. I'm going to transplant it into my solid axel ln106.
1) anyone have any pics of a solid axeld 1uz swap? How's the clearance??
1.5) I've seen things about engine mounts and mounting the engines higher, how does that work and does the bonnet not shut? Will I need a scoop or cowl?
2) it starts on break cleaner but doesn't run. It's on a wolf v500 ecu atm which I want to switch to a haltech. What haltech is the best?
3) I've never done an engine swap before, any tips or tricks?

Thank you for the help! I'm new here and I am having trouble navigating but there's such good info


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I maybe able to help you with a few pointers for your Wolf ECU; to get your engine started.

If the engine starts on brake cleaner, then I’m guessing something has happened to your startup fueling in the Wolf program or a wiring / powering issue.
Some things to look into:-
The fuel pump should run for about 5 seconds when you turn the ignition key to on. This is to prime the fuel rail and bring up fuel pressure for the injectors to operate when fired by the ECU. Fuel pressure should be around 40 - 43PSI, (3 bar).

You should have +12V commoned to all injectors when the ignition is on.

When you crank the engine with no brake cleaner, do you get any pops or bangs through the exhaust? If so, it is most likely over fueled? If nothing, then you have too little fuel. The Wolf is very finicky with idle air so if you have adjusted the throttle butterfly, have a manifold leak or have a problem with the idle valve, this could be the issue.

I make the assumption that you have the V500 software, a laptop and RS232 cable and can connect with the ECU.

If you open the Wolf software, you will need to go to the fuel map and then the sub folder for starting. When connected to the ECU, you can make changes. Some changes are in real-time and some require a key on / off for the ecu to action the change. In the starting folder you will find some knobs (6 from memory) where you can make global changes over load and engine temp for pre-start, initial pulse (accelerator pump) and post start. Be careful when making changes. Make one change at a time and note the affect. Good luck.

If you are going to junk the Wolf, I would go for Link over Haltec.