1UZ-FE / CRS kit / Clutch / W58 - and - '88 MZ20 Soarer - Zoom feature car (Syd, NSW)

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.


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Sydney, NSW, Australia
1UZ-FE from UCF11 Celsior

Rear Sump conversion / W58 Gearbox / Clutch / CRS Adapter package




(before sump conversion)

- Complete motor - cost me $1400
- Converted to rear sump using SC400 / Soarer parts, therefore suitable for Z20 / A70 / JZA80 / Z30 or anything else that needs a rear sump
- Supplied with Celsior headers - however these wont fit a Z20 / A70
- All uncut wiring and accessories included, ECU is still at SSS auto where the motor was imported through - the warranty period starts once the ECU is picked up
- When i converted the motor to rear sump i was able to inspect the crankcase and the motor is in relatively good shape with regard to oil sludge and no visible wear etc
- Comes with the hydrualic thermo fan pump installed
- Custom engine mounts to suit the Z20 will be included ONLY if the motor is sold with the car
- I have not run the motor, it was imported shortly not long before i bought it from the previous owner. It looks in generally good condition and barring unforseen issues, no reason why it wouldnt be in perfect running order.
- CRS bellhousing kit, installed, together with an Exedy HD clutch cost $1500
- W58 "Supra" gearbox 5 speed seems in good condition with no crunching noticable and shifts nicely, it has 2nd from rearmost of the various shifter positions, which doesnt QUITE fit for the Z20, its about 1.5" too far forward, so you can either convert it to the correct shifter type or cut out a little of the trans tunnel (which is what i was going to do) cost $300

That total package cost me $3200;
Engine/box package Price: $2700 ono

I'm not interested in seperating the motor/box/etc!

* motor is currently sitting in:

1988 MZ20 Soarer 3.0 GT Limited

Selling due to lack of time to complete this project

  • Im trying to get the car and motor out of my yard as i dont have any time to spend on it.
  • Im not looking to part it out.
  • Im not wanting to spend any more time working on it before selling it.
  • If i keep working on it, i will just end up keeping the car.
  • It's not about making money, its about recovering costs and space. Therefore i have put it up for sale, at roughly the prices i paid for it, and it now includes all of the missing items i had to find & pay for along the way, so its still selling at a loss overall.
  • I am SOMEWHAT flexible on the prices but you have to take either the car, the motor/box package, or both

(stickers were removed)


- White Pearl / Champagney Grey two tone
- 215,xxx klms on the body
- Was a factory R154 manual
- Apparently somewhat famous in a previous life - was owned by Grant Warne from Zoom (who now works at Otomoto) and featured in many issues of Zoom running a VVTi 2JZ-GTE.


See above - not running or installed completely


Exterior is generally in very good condition for its age. There's a tiny scrape on the front left corner and a couple of tiny dents in the bodywork and stone chips i had to really hunt around to find, and some 'crazing' on the bootlid spoiler.
- Paint in very good condition with a nice blue pearl through it
- Chrome window wind deflectors
- Foglight front bumper - however foglights are not there
- Doors have not dropped and hinges are in good shape however the driver door sometimes just catches the corner of the trim infront of the door - this is because the trim is not properly secured dead flat against the car, and could be fixed quite easily and does not cause a problem
- Edges of the bonnet has a little bit of paint chipped off


- Dash, doors and general trim in good condition
- All electrics working including sunroof, auto-folding mirrors, LCD dimming mirror, etc
- Carpet is not in the best shape
- Seats do not match, currently there is a cloth electric driver seat missing the forward/back button cluster, and a cloth passenger seat of the same color but a different shape, and leather rear seats with no rips but a bit of sun damage near the parcel shelf
- Shifter surround trim is missing
- If gearbox is included with the car, it will come with a ghey blue gearknob
- The steering wheel which is currently fitted is a different shade of brown off an 86 model and thus does not plug in and therefore the buttons do not work.
- The included key (for some reason) is actually a key embedded in a snap-on screwdriver handle


I bought this car as a project car and thus it is in a state of partial assembly. The following parts ARE INCLUDED but are NOT INSTALLED:

- LSD differential from an MA70 supra
- tailshaft to suit the W58
- Brakes are all included (with some extra parts. the handbrake is connected and works)
- Some sections of 3" exhaust and a cat are included.
- All of the components necessary to get the A/C working (on a 7M)
- Radiator with small secondary electric fan
- No ABS actuator - has been replaced with a line locker
- A large selection of powersteering fluid reserviours, including a custom alloy one that was part of Grant's 2JZ installation
- A number of clutch masters including a brand new one
- Set of manual pedals (clutch/brake)

Suspension / Wheels

- Car will come on whatever wheels i have lying around that im happy to give away - just to make it roll. Probably things like spacesavers
- Suspension is installed except for a sway bar (included) but i dont know exactly what it consists of, havent looked too thoroughly at it as i've been concentrating on the V8 conversion. The front springs look aftermarket and the rear standard (non TEMS).
- From bouncing the car around and rolling around it seems to be relatively free of squeaks and rattles and the shocks are good but this is by no means a conclusive test

Shell price: $1300 ono

Sale prices

Engine/box package Price: $2700 ono
Shell price: $1300 ono

Together price: $3800 ono


** To complete the project **

Basically youre this far away:

finish bolting engine in > connect everything to it > wiring > install tailshaft and diff > install brakes > finish off bits of interior > make an exhaust system > rego

Im just trying to cover costs, not make money, and i'd love to see this go to someone who will put it together and finish what i started, and get a beautiful V8 Z20 manual soarer on the road!


Any questions ask here, PM, email me [email protected] or MSN same address, cheers guys!