1UZ-FE / CRS adapter / Clutch / W58 Gearbox assembled (Syd, NSW) also MZ20 Soarer

PARTS FOR SALE: Limited availability on 1UZFE EGR Delete Kits, Torque Converters and Supercharger Fish Brackets. No turbo kits. Email for info: [email protected]


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Sydney, NSW, Australia
UCF11 Celsior 1UZ-FE 4.0L Quad Cam V8 and W58 Gearbox / Clutch / Adapter package

- '90 or '91 model complete motor- cost me $1400
- Converted to rear sump using SC400 / Soarer parts, suitable for Z20 / A70 / JZA80 / Z30 or anything else that needs a rear sump
- Supplied with Celsior headers - however these wont fit a Z20 / A70
- All uncut wiring, AFM and accessories included, ECU is still at SSS auto where the motor was imported through - the warranty period starts once the ECU is picked up
- When i converted the motor to rear sump i was able to inspect the crankcase and the motor is in relatively good shape with regard to oil sludge and no visible wear etc
- I have not run the motor. Engine was imported shortly before i got it from the previous owner. Generally it looks to be in good condition and there's no reason barring unforseen problems to imagine it wouldn't run perfectly.
- Comes with the hydrualic thermo fan pump installed
- Custom engine mounts to suit the Z20 will be included ONLY if the motor is sold with the car
- CRS bellhousing kit, installed, together with an Exedy HD clutch cost $1500
- W58 "Supra" gearbox 5 speed seems in good condition with no crunching noticable and shifts nicely, it has 2nd from rearmost of the various shifter positions, which doesnt QUITE fit for the Z20, its about 1.5" too far forward, so you can either convert it to the correct shifter type or cut out a little of the trans tunnel (which is what i was going to do) cost $300

That total package cost $3200

Engine/box package Price: $2700 ono


Any questions ask here, PM, email me [email protected] or MSN same address, cheers guys!


(note photos are before sump conversion)

1988 MZ20 Soarer


See this link for details of the Soarer. They are available together. Thanks!