1UZ exhaust advice - Miata/MX5/Eunos

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Laurence Jerman

New Member
Have a 1UZ swapped Eunos. Sounds good but think it could sound better and thinking of a dual exit system. Pics attached of current system out of car and in place, space is quite tight. In UK and 1991 car and engine so no cats required. Looking for some ideas, is X pipe the way to go? Exhaust diameter? Thanks in advance.Screenshot_20231120_173007_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20231120_173931_Messenger.jpg
In all honesty I think what you have should work well.

No matter what you do you won't feel any difference. An exhaust bigger than what you have may in fact kill off torque and slow the car down.

I have twin 3" exhaust on my standard 1UZ, only because it was once supercharged and it is short on torqu.

Bigger isn't always better. It may sound better:)
Thanks for your message. Think will stick with 2.25" then and perhaps just fit a smaller backbox to make it a bit louder. Going to see an exhaust fabricator on Sunday so will be interesting to hear his thoughts.