1gz fe v12 fitted to a Navara

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Hi all
I am new to the forum
At the moment i am 90% completed with my build and ran into some issues regarding wiring.
The motor is running on stock ecus, all original sensors and so on.
Motor starts up and switches on 6 cylinders my throttle is semi non responsive.
I swapped out the MAFs to check if they good both are working however the 2 cables going to the MAFs if i swop them around the left hand bank would run smooth swop to right the right bank runs perfect also that is strange to me.
The MAF cable on the right bank when i swap that between both MAFs it would fire up and die on both banks.
I tried to run a diagnostic on both ecu s via the wire the shop that wired the system up for me marked as obd2 no communication
Does anyone have a workshop manual to purchase or wiring diagrams as i think that the components where wired the wrong way around.
It would even help if someone could point me in a direction to get communication from the ecu,what wire to use coming out of the plugs.

Many Thanks
From South Africa Jeffreysbay


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Hey Black Rat, great to see a 1GZ project nearing completion. Several here have started them but no one (AFAIK) has ever finished one. Try PM'ing MitchP or Crambo to see if they have better resources than what we have on here.

Please keep us updated on your progress!