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  1. turboteener

    Anybody have a G50 tranny?

    Anybody have a G50 tranny case laying around. I need one for mock up purposes. Doesn't have to be complete. Can have a hole in the case as long as I can get length and axle height when I flip it over.
  2. turboteener

    IR manfolds and adapter plates

    We have all seen the price of the IR kits that use the Toyota 4AG throttle bodies. How much interest would there be in a set of adapter flanges that would allow you to bolt a set of motor cycle throttle bodies onto our heads. There would not be a normal manifold so this plate would basically...
  3. turboteener

    Vaccum and stock specs

    I need engine vaccum readings at idle for the 1UZ motor. I also need the specs on torque and HP and at what rpms for the stock 1UZ. The Lextreme website links aren't working.
  4. turboteener

    SC400 or LS400 Radiator size

    Can Someone measure the dimensions of their SC400 or LS400 radiator? I need a width, thickness, and height. Trying to get a general idea of how much cooling area I can get away with.
  5. turboteener

    Oil pan and sump replacement

    I have what I beleive to be a mid mount sump on my 1UZ. If came from a US SC400. Well some idiot dropped the engine or set it down hard on the oil pan and broke part of the flange around the lower oil pan. I am too lazy to tak it off and weld it up. Does anyone have any kind of sump that...
  6. turboteener

    I need some one to measure a flywheel

    Anyone out there have a manual flywheel laying around? Could you please measure it for me. I need dimensions on the friction surface, ID and OD, diameter of input shaft and pilot bearing surface on the input shaft, and flywheel thickness. ANyone have one for sale? Anyone have pics?
  7. turboteener

    What type of signal does.....

    What type of signal does the 1UZ dizzy output? I am going to try and run the engine with megasuirt and use the stock dizzy to trigger the timing and fuel injection. Does it out put a hall effect signal or something else?