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    LS430 Instrument Panel Swap

    I'm using almost everything from a 2004-06 LS430 in my swap, including (I hope) the instrument panel. I've got the All4Swap MPX-GATE 1M interface module for certain functions, but I'm not yet sure how I'm going to integrate the instrument panel dimming feature into my vehicle. The LS430...
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    LPG Conversions

    I'm currently looking for a donor LS430 (2004-06), and it is clear from the numbers appearing in the ads that this car was a popular LPG conversion target for some time. I don't want an LPG-converted engine in my vehicle, so how hard would it be to revert the convert? Is it a simple matter of...
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    Hiace Brake Upgrades

    There's not a lot of information out there about upgrading the brakes on a H200 Hiace, but my recent experience driving in Germany on the Autobahns has convinced me that I need better front brakes! (And suspension, and of course, V8 power...) I've checked the OEM parts and dimensions, which...
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    Silly but General Question about ECUs

    I've been "preparing" for my particular swap for longer than I would have liked (thank you, Covid-19), but I still don't know how the engine's ECU and the vehicle's original ECU are supposed to work together (or not) after the conversion. (My swap is a UK LS430 6-speed into a JDM 2013 Toyota...
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    Newer Hiace V8 Conversions

    Hi, I'm the owner of a 2013 Hiace H200 van (3.0 turbo diesel, pic below) and I'm trying to determine if a V8 engine swap is feasible. Why? Because I like my (almost unique, in Europe) van, but I don't like diesels and I don't like slow vehicles of any kind. (There's also the issue of the...