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    3uz pistons in 1uz

    hey guys im trying to see if anyone has run 3uz pistons in their 1uz. i was given a set and im trying to see if anyone has done it before, are there any disadvantages to it??? thanks
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    cat eliminating headers in a 1uz powered supra?????

    is there anyone that makes cat eliminating headers that will fit the 1uz in a ma70 supra?
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    sprung a leak

    i found i was leaking coolant from under the lower intake manifold upon further research i found that there is a coolant line that runs from the front water bridge to the heater core line at the firewall. my questions are: does the hard line have an o ring that can just be...
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    autotensioner delete????

    hey everyone im looking into making a bracket that will allow us to run just an alt belt (for those that have deleted ps and ac and want a decent amount of belt wrap on the pullys. i saw the one thor racing put out but its crazy expensive 190 euros or something like that. i have seen some of...
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    ms3 prospects?

    hey everyone im trying to figure out if i need to go aftermarket ecu. my goals are pretty moderate i just want a reliable car and to run a moderate amount of boost currently i have a 97 1uzfe (non vvti) in my 87 supra just intake and exhaust work have been done. and its manual. im looking to...
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    wtb iacv for a 97/96 1uzfe

    im looking for an idle air control valve for my 97 1uzfe non vvti thanks
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    weird idle issue

    ok so when i start my car cold it idles up around 1500 like it should then once it warms up it drops down to like450 or just stalls out when i start it warm it wont hold an idle untill i hold it there manually then it catches up but will idle like i said at 450 and want to stall out any ideas...
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    ribbed pulley for serpentine tensioner

    hey has anyone found a bigger ribbed pulley for the serpentine tensioner the way im running it now it would sold 90% of my problem thanks
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    tighter serpentine belt tensioner

    hey everyone im trying to figure out how to get a stronger belt tensioner im having some issues and need that belt much tighter i read somewhere on here about making a manual bracket but im unsure of how to do it. any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    the search for oem high output alternators

    hey im searching for an oem alternator that puts out 130-160amps that will bolt onto the 1uz with minimal modification if anyone knows of one please chime in thanks
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    alternator issues

    hey everyone im having an issue with my alternator not charging like i think it should. with my e-fan on and the headlights up im getting 11.6 or so volts measured from my safc2 while driving im trying to figure out if i need a new alternator or what i cleaned and checked all the grounds i...
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    searching for 450whp

    Hey everyone ive been reading on here about n/a modifications to our 1uz. im trying to figure out what the best value in n/a modifications. so far finding a solution for the lower intake manifold, getting some stronger valve springs, true cold air intake, exhaust and possibly some cam regrinds...
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    ac/ ps/ delete belt routing with hydro fan

    i just had a quick question, i deleted my ac with no issue but im concerned about deleting my power steering because im unsure how i can rout the belt and still keep my hydro fan. does it matter which way the hydro fan pully spins? cause i can easily rout a new belt if i can spin that pump in...
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    aftermarket speedometer

    hey is anyone running an aftermarket speedo with their 1uz swap? cause i snapped my speedo cable on my w58 and im looking for a way to use an aftermarket electric speedo thanks
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    What would you do?

    ok so i have a slight deilema. my power steering system leaks dry in about 2 days, and im tired of it. ive come to the conclusion that the power steering high pressure line is screwed cause its been sitting too close to the exhaust manifold the choices i came up with were 1 change the ps line...
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    hydraulic fan pump removal, possibilities

    so im wondering if its possible to just remove the hydraulic fan pump from the front of the motor alltogether. im not running power steering or ac so im thinking i can just run a belt from the crank to the tensioner to the alt. im concerned with the bolts that would be missing tho cause i...
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    iacv mod

    this is probably a stupid question but ill ask it anyway, can you run a breather filter on the iacv hose and cap off the bung on the inake and still be fine? 97 1uzfe
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    Wtb racing bucket seat

    im looking for a simple used racing seat so im not sliding all over the car mid drift thanks
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    beaten by a 1uz

    i think ive tried everything folks and to no avail my summer project is still kicking my butt i have replaced cats, ecu's, maf's and vacum hoses and i still have the same issue of the damn thing will not rev past 4k and is kicking black smoke from running extremely rich, i just have a few final...
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    interchangable ecu?

    this may be a stupid question but will a ls400 ecu run an sc400 motor with no problems (its in my supra and the ls ecu is less expensive as a replacement) or are the ecu's different