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  1. stevechumo

    What you can do to your car without ANY HELP

    I'm posting this thread to see how much we know what to do to our car without getting any help from a mechanic or a body shop. It'll be nice to have specific details of what parts of each catetory you can do. E.g. For engine, you can put "timing belt" if you know how to replace timing belt and...
  2. stevechumo

    Lexus SC 300/400 Seats 2 tones - Newly Rebuilt

    I'm selling a set of front and rear seats of Lexus 300/400. They're newly rebuilt with 2 tones black & tan. The leather is really nice & soft. Need to sell ASAP. Asking for $650.
  3. stevechumo

    Kungfu master got hit on a bike..but ok!

    I've come across this clip about a biker who got hit by a truck right in the middle of the intersection, but he free-fell by his kungfu and was ok. Enjoy:
  4. stevechumo

    TT Viper 7.89 @ 183 MPH...Just plain brutal nuts!

    TT Viper was recorded at 7.89 for 1/4 mile. Notice that the front was completely lifted off the ground. Just so plain nuts and brutal. I love it.
  5. stevechumo

    Best Color of Bugatti Veyron

    I'd just want to share with you folks about what I think in my opinion is the best color on the Bugatti Veyron. You're welcome to post any picture of the Bugatti Veyron, if you think that's the best color.
  6. stevechumo

    1uzfe oil pressure PSI

    Does anyone know of the engine oil pressure at the oil pump and at the oil filter housing? Thx.
  7. stevechumo

    Titan Supra Vs. Boostlogic Supra

    These 2 monsters are competing against each other. Worth to watch:
  8. stevechumo

    Body Kit for Bentley $184,292.00

    I come across this wide body kit for the Bentley GT Continental that costs $184,292 US. Damn! At first I thought it includes the car, because the car is also around that range. But it's only for the body kit. Who on earth with the right mind will buy that kit? Even Jay Leno would say no to it...
  9. stevechumo

    Tips To Prevent Oversteering Under Boost?

    Does anyone have any tips of how to keep the steering wheel straight when launching the boosted car? I have a turbocharged SC400 (1UZFE)with a single T-67 running at 15 psi, and I keep having the issue with oversteering, which means losing control when launching from the dead stop. There's so...
  10. stevechumo

    Water Wetter For Coolant! Work?

    I'm having a considerable issue with overheating in hot weather, and I'm thinking if anyone has tried Water Wetter to lower the coolant temp. I just bought 2 bottles but waiting for any on-hand experience. Anyone uses it with good result, bad result?
  11. stevechumo

    Gm Hummer Made By Chinese!

    I just read a surprised new that GM has decided to sell its Hummer brand to China. WTF! :rolleyes: Now, if anyone drives a Hummer, you'll know that you're driving a Chinese car. Who knows GM will eventually...
  12. stevechumo

    Acura NSX Submarine

    I've run into this amazing video of a Acura NXS that's submerged and ran deeply in water and still ran afterwards. What an amazing NXS!
  13. stevechumo

    Stock 1992 SC400 Running 13.89 for 1/4 Mile?

    I came across this guys that claimed 13.89 for 1/4 in stock 1992 SC400. That seems like he had shaved off more than a second comparing to most other SC400, especially for that old engine. He didn't have any time slip to prove it. Is it believeable...
  14. stevechumo

    Stricter MPG Rules For Automakers

    The President Obama has proposed a stricter rule that requires all automakers to make cars and light trucks that must meet 35.5 mpg. Whooh! For example, is that possible for a truck that consumes 16 mpg to change to consume 35.5 mpg with this new rule? What about the performance industry and...
  15. stevechumo

    Symptoms of Bad Torque Converter?

    I'm helping my brother's friend to diagnose a problem with the tranny on his auto SC400. For some reasons, his tranny acted weird like there's no gear at all. He shifted through R, D, L, and 2, but they're all seem like in neutral. The tranny didn't feel different between gears. He put in either...
  16. stevechumo

    Compression On Boosted Engine

    I'm wondering what is the lowest & safe compression in psi for a boosted engine, especially for the 1UZ. And at what boosting psi that you have for that compression. Or at what compression you're currently boosting your ride, even though you think it's not safe.
  17. stevechumo


    I've found this picture of the Lexus SC430 with the body kit from Artisan, the Japanese company. It turns the car into an exotic looking car. For Japanese cars, there's no wonder why the Japanese body kits are always much more expensive than American body kits. I wish there's a turbo or...
  18. stevechumo

    Flushing The Engine Due to Burnt Oil

    My turbo blew the seals, and the oil somehow got cooked and found its way back to the engine through the oil drain line. The oil got so thick and now looks like brownish gel. I removed the oil drain bolt at the oil pan, but the oil couldn't even drip out. You could image how thick the oil is...
  19. stevechumo

    Topics About Head Gaskets

    I just found an interesting article about head gaskets. Here it is:
  20. stevechumo


    I just find an interesting turbocharged LS400. What do you think of it?