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    Early 1uz rods

    pm sent for a set of 8 if you still have them
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    3uz pistons in 1uz

    hey guys im trying to see if anyone has run 3uz pistons in their 1uz. i was given a set and im trying to see if anyone has done it before, are there any disadvantages to it??? thanks
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    Brand new Argo rods for sale

    still got those eagle rods?
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    Batch fire coil on plug conversion 95-97 1uz

    im having major issues with this, did you keep the stock igniters, how are you managing the spark order..... im confused and im already past the point of no return
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    Batch fire coil on plug conversion 95-97 1uz

    has it thrown any codes for not having at least two of the igf wires hooked up
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    my 1uz mk3 project

    started this little exhaust project yesterday , im making a set of shorter test pipes so my exhaust will hang a little closer to the body of the car.
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    hey lex im getting the 404 file not found issue as well, is there something up with the server?

    hey lex im getting the 404 file not found issue as well, is there something up with the server?
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    cat eliminating headers in a 1uz powered supra?????

    is there anyone that makes cat eliminating headers that will fit the 1uz in a ma70 supra?
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    searching for 450whp

    the motor is an early 97 so the mfg. claims 260, but i think most of my issue is in the exhaust system, i think some headers and a better design for the y pipe and ill be a lot happier
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    searching for 450whp

    well i just got it up on the dyno and it only made 222 whp and 245 for torque i have such a long way to go at this point
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    my 1uz mk3 project

    in other news i got the car up on a dyno today , i wasnt impressed with the numbers though. 222.08 hp 245 ft/lbs of torque. on a 96 motor with a light weight flywheel 1 piece aluminum driveshaft, no ac no ps , i just think somewhere in the mix something is just wrong.
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    my 1uz mk3 project

    i did , i didnt leave it like that i tied everything off and loomed/tucked it away ill go take an updated pic , it doesnt look like the previous pic anymore.
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    Can't pull codes

    i have found that as long as the car is obd2 you can just scan it, if its a swap and you used the obd 2 wiring you just have to wire in the obd2 port, i did and it works beautifully
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    How to wire up a 1uz

    woah there, sideshow has ben a priceless resource to many of us here on the forums. most of us have gotten help from him in one form or another over the years so if you dont mind curbcheck that disrespect thanks
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    sprung a leak

    solution found expansion plug in the watter pump and total heater removal
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    sprung a leak

    any ideas?
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    sprung a leak

    i found i was leaking coolant from under the lower intake manifold upon further research i found that there is a coolant line that runs from the front water bridge to the heater core line at the firewall. my questions are: does the hard line have an o ring that can just be...
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    searching for 450whp

    so far im looking into a holset hx40 any ideas on this turbo?
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    600WHP TT on E85?

    thats what i thought