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    UZFE KA24 Swap, Flywheel Help Needed

    Using Brett Collins KA24 manual swap kit. The flywheel is a 3s-GTE to my knowledge and I have ground the ring gear teeth to properly engage with the starter gear teeth. Now I am having problems getting it on, the flywheel to the crankshaft. Collins said it was a .002” press fit, the flywheel to...
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    Full bolt-ons for 1991 LS400

    I have seen tell of many making 300whp on 7-8psi with an M90. With a 100 wet shot of nitrous, I'd imagine you coud get there? You would probably have to go standalone ECU and bigger injectors to flow 400whp worth of power. The stock autobox saps torque like a weed so maybe not. Might need meth...
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    SC400 5 Speed Swap

    Hello, I have never posted here before but I own a 1992 SC400. I am doing a 5-speed swap with the Collins kit and a KA24 transmission. I finally have the auto box out, and I now have the master cylinder, clutch pedal, and manual brake pedal in. I just got the pilot bearing in. I have also bent...