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    2uz non vvti block with 2uz vvti block

    I have been searching and reading everything I can. I have seen the threads regarding non vvti 1uz blocks and 1uz vvti heads. There are oiling issues as far as how oil enters the heads for the cams and vvti actuator. I'm wondering if there is a difference between the 2uz non vvti block and...
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    wtb 89-94 1uz rods

    Looking for a set of 89-94 1uz rods. Must be in decent shape. Please pm me if you have a complete set of 8.
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    1st Gen Tacoma w/ 2uz and R150- Lots of codes

    I have a 99 Tacoma with an 02 2uz, and R150 Manual trans. My truck has been running since Dec. It is AWESOME!! I live in the states and my truck has to pass annual inspection. This means no CEL, and no stored codes. Currently I dont have thing wired in for the transmission. I do have the...
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    Hi, Im new to the forum. My name is Daylon Im from North Carolina. I joined this forum because I am exploring the options I have for a V8 swap in my 99 Tacoma. I am looking at the 2uz, and auto trans. However after a brief over look of the forum, Most of the tech is for the 1uz, am I in the...