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  1. Lextreme II


    Dear Members, You might have gotten my email regarding parts. I am currently ceased all sale of performance and oem parts due to personal and family commitment along with recently newly diagnosed heart problem (congenital heart condition). I am unable to fulfill orders in a timely manner...
  2. Lextreme II

    Site Domain Renewal

    Sorry for the withdraw.. but our domain host went out of business and they never inform us that our domain was about to expired. I contacted Nick Twaddell from Webspace Solutions and paid him over the weekend and he never renewal our domain. He basically took our money and ran. I emailed him...
  3. Lextreme II

    My New Camper

    Extreme is the word or should we say Lextreme? After getting the greenlight from the wife I got this 1975 M109A3 military service truck from a local seller. I was looking at Government Liqudator but the hassel, the wait, the paper work, the flights and shipping just not worth my time. This van...
  4. Lextreme II

    Supercharged LS7 with 6 Speed

    One of my friends just crashed his 2006 Z06 with a Procharger system along with 6 speed tranny. His Vet was totaled but the complete drive train still intact. Insurance wanted 9k for it. I told him to counter for like $4k. Even at 9K it is still a great deal for a completely totaled (body...
  5. Lextreme II

    Hyundai Genesis R-Spec

    Saw a commercial about his ride and did some further research and this is a beast. V8 5.0L with 429 bhp. Hyundai has comes along way from Rodney King's era.
  6. Lextreme II

    Site Down due to Spam. We are working on the Forum DATA at this time.

    Still issues.. trying to fix..
  7. Lextreme II

    Site Down

    Hello Members, Got an email this morning stating someone was using this site for massive email spam. So the server shut it down to delete the spam file. It is up and running now. Too much hackers....
  8. Lextreme II

    2JZGE Vs. 2JZGTE

    If you were to rebuild a 2JZ motor to support say 600 rwhp. Which block would you use and why? Besides the oil injectors is there any major difference between the two blocks?
  9. Lextreme II

    20,000 Members

    Who would imagine we would hit this number in few months....
  10. Lextreme II

    Power Steering Pump

    I have 3 brand new original from Toyota SC400 PS pumps. PM me for price and shipping.
  11. Lextreme II

    1998 VVTi Running Engine with Tran

    I have a 1998 VVTi that is running in the car along with transmission that I want to sell. Here is what you will be getting: * Complete running engine that has been rebuilt by the previous owner due to bad timing belt. He rebuilt the heads, new water pump, timing belt and pullies along with...
  12. Lextreme II

    GS400 (VVTi) Vs. SC400 (VVTi)

    They are both 98 with I have, but for some reasons the GS felt alot faster and more responsive. Anyone have data comparing the two?
  13. Lextreme II

    VVTi SC400

    Got a great deal on this pearl white 1998 SC400. First thing was to have the tow truck delivery directly to my friends auto body shop. Where the OEM 1997-2000 body came off and a complete Shine Project Kit getting ready to be install. While it is waiting for a new armors, this VVTi also...
  14. Lextreme II

    Rolling SC Chassis Avialable

    I have a gun metal color exterior with grey interior 1992 SC400. Tires are flat, missing one head light, missing stereo, ripped seats. Engine is partially missing the upper portion like the intake and so on. Great for a project. Title is clean. Perhaps owe few years of back registration...
  15. Lextreme II

    I am BACK!

    I have been EXTREMELY busy with work and family and was unable to login. Now everything seem to be settle down a little. I just want to say.... I miss you guys...
  16. Lextreme II

    Domain Expired was at a critical situation. I didnt get any notification that it was about to expired and when I login last night it had a generic page. I knew we were in huge trouble. I try to contact my host and they said I need to contact my registar and the biz I deal with is no long in...
  17. Lextreme II

    Website Might be Down

    I got an email from my server and stating that we are taking up too much band width and they might such us down for a while. I am trying to solve this problem with them... just FYI.... will miss u guys..
  18. Lextreme II

    Toyota Hiace Van in USA

    I saw one last night. That thing is HUGE. Almost like the 170 Sprinter. More info...... please....
  19. Lextreme II

    Retrofit Projector HID Foglight

    Tony from LuxuryMods did the retrofit and it is so bright.... Good for my eyes. Upper row of lights are from the low beam and lower row are from the foglights. Youtube vid:
  20. Lextreme II

    My New Daily

    No it is not a Ferrari like Mr. J. Cribb, but a 1998 GS400. It is a Pearl White like the rest of my Lexuses. Picked it up for an incredible price and took it directly to my friend's paint shop to touch up the minor scratch on the front bumper. I want to get it fix before taking it home. The...