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    h151f in a sc400... (question for 5spd owners- please help)

    Now that I know that this transmission was offered in a 2uz configuration and only needs the h151f flywheel and clutch, my next question do we use sc400 computer? Can we fool it to stay in neutral or park and keep it happy? ( neutral switch) Pin 14 on plug 3(22?) should have 12v...
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    Which MLS gasket works best?

    Cometic? Lexus MLS VVTi? or Felpro Perma torque? Please let me know your experiences with each...
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    Black door panels wanted

    oem or quality dyed accepted.Just need them to look good so I can sell car...
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    wanted cometic MLS and ARP studs

    just like the title says- looking for cometic MLS Head gaskets and 2zzfe main studs that arp sells which we use for 1uzfe head studs Revised....purchased 12.9 80,0000 tensile studs from a metal manufacturer for less than $100. no longer needed
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    No power and bad backfire under throttle

    I put another motor in after the machine shop shaved my last set of heads 3 times and still wouldn't seal. The new motor is throwing code 27 and backfires really bad under throttle with no power. While it's probable the sub o2 sensor wiring got messed up yanking exhaust, could this cause these...
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    Keep blowing headgasket on N/A 1uzfe

    Having trouble sealing MLS head gasket using Apex MLS and Victor Reinz bolts. I am rebuilding 2nd 1uz for boost using ARP and Cometic MLS. My mechanic can not figure out why Apex MLS blew on start up BEFORE boost. Milled head and block. Has anyone had problems sealing MLS gaskets? Should I be...
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    Oil feed for vvti-head on non vvti block

    Has this been done? I know it's been discussed. Specifically, I would like to use a non vvti 2uz block with 1uz vvti head. 2jz guys use an external oil line with banjo bolt to supply oil to vvti head when using a non vvti block. Is this possible on the 1uz or 2uz? Or shall I say what is the...
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    Weak point of transmission? Shifting or clutch pack?

    For those with NOS..... At what point does the A340e give out? Is it the 2nd gear sprag or is it the clutch? I am trying to found out if running a RPM switch so the tranny does not shift while under power if the transmission will take more abuse. Or is it the clutch packs that let go?
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    Difference between 2uz and 1uz injectors?

    There are upgrades available for 2uz injectors but I can't for the life of me find ANY toyota/lexus injector similar enough to 1uz/3uz injectors to even share oring/seal kit. Does anyone have a 2uz injector we can compare to find out what the difference is so we can find something compatible?Or...
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    drop in low comp pistons for vvti 1/2uz hybrid

    It appears the stock 2grfe pistons have the same bore, piston pin as 2uzfe pistons while keeping the head combustion chamber design of the vvti 1uz. 1uz vvti compression height is 1.358,2uzfe is 1.335 while 2grfe is 1.23. This means you could add 2grfe pistons to the vvti 1/2uz hybrid with no...
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    Electric turbo (one that works)

    Before anyone says this is impossible, I have already tested this and am in the process of installing one on my own sc400 and it is a good option for for those who do not have skills to make your own exhaust or choose to retain A/C. I am running a t76 turbo powered by a 12hp(almost 10,000...
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    2uzfe in sc400 newb question

    Sorry if this has been covered but I can't seem to find an answer searching.... Why can't we use entire 2uzfe instead of the 1/2 uzfe combo? Is it just because the 2uz manifold is too tall?Or do you get better HP numbers using the hybrid? Just trying to figure a way pass the restrictive non vvti...
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    2uz/3uz Hybrid

    I know the 1/2 uzfe has been done multiple times with custom pistons or shaved 2uzfe pistons however, has anyone run a 3uzfe head on a 2uzfe block?I want a Tundra block in a gs430 but I am unsure what issues I would run into with 2uzfe vvti pistons and 3uzfe head valve clearance....Anyone help...
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    FMU advice needed

    How much horsepower will 250cc injectors support with 10:1 FMU. Online calculators say approx 400 crank if my math is correct but some members have talked about leaning out much earlier...any ideas? Which FMU ratio should be adequate with 300cc injectors?
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    High stall torque converter

    Anyone know if lextreme torque converter high stall rebuild service is still being offered? I tried to send an email but it was kicked back....
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    Other 1uzfe injector options

    So far the only small injector upgrade options I see posted are for 295cc mk3 supra and 315cc 88-92 supra 7mge.I don't want to use 315cc because ECU can't easily compensate, and the 295cc require resistors because they are low impedence, From my research the Denso 23250-46050 (bluetop 2jzge) are...
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    4.7L Newb question

    From various searches I have read that you can use a thicker headgasket for NA application when mating 2uz block to 1uz head in place of machining pistons or getting custom Ross pistons although the results are not as good as a custom rotating assembly. Due to cost entailed when opening up a...