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    Getting hot

    Is your radiator plumbed correctly ?? The INLET with the thermostat connects to the BOTTOM of the radiator. Is the thermostat the correct bypass one ? If the thermostat (when the engine warms up) is not shutting off the bypass, most of the coolant is rerturning through the block and NOT...
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    Will it work/opinions

    You think that's hard ? Wait till you try to find 11:0 to 1 pistons !!
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    2uzfe broken exhaust valves scenario

    How much valve/ piston and Inlet/Exhaust valve clearance do you have at TDC overlap ??????? How much lift does the cam have at TDC overlap ????? Too much heat melts valve heads - mechanical contact with pistons breaks valve stems.
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    Machining Cams from scratch

    If you do not have an understanding of materials and camshaft design - go to a major after market cam manufacturer ! as a guide though 4340 crmo rough machine harden and temper finish machine/grind nitride straighten and polish have a very heavy wallet, it will be a lot lighter afterwards Erol
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    No, we obtained the last set from Kevin Band at Kelford cams NZ.

    No, we obtained the last set from Kevin Band at Kelford cams NZ.
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    1UZ into Mkiv Supra

    The 1990 Celsior (LS400) standard cruise control has a speed limit of around 105 KPH, which is about 65 MPH. It hits the rev limiter at that speed regardless of what gear you are in. Somewhere on this site, or the 'net, there are details to disable the cruise limit. If it is a Japanese...
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    HELP Steer me away from a Chevy LSx

    John, I just KNEW you were a double knocker man !!! I'll go back to watching them on the beach now. Erol
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    Thinner headgasket = more power?

    It would be worthwhile to read the 1UZ workshop manual. Lexus cylinder head bolts can be reused If the shank dia is above a minimum figure. I forget what that figure is but I know that I have never seen a std 1UZ that was below minimum.
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    Head work and cams for N/A setup...where to get??

    John, Thanks for the plug but I am now retired and loving it. I would suggest Kevin Band at Kelford Cams NZ. He is one of the very few that really does know about air flow and camshafts/valves etc. Email address has changed Will send a PM Regards to all Erol
  10. R whats wrong?

    Try this I have not had any problems
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    Is 300 whp n/a 1uzfe possible?

    As I am well and truly retired I do not want to buy into this argument but - The 1UZ I built was bolted to a Superflow ENGINE dyno and delivered 538 BHP. If you want to compare engines then I suggest you take your engine out and bolt it to an ENGINE dyno. Then we can compare figures and not...
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    New intake good for an extra 50rwhp.

    Been away for a while. Now if the I/cooler had vertical tubes and a tank top and bottom there will be another 50rwhp! Erol
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    My engine is Jealous

    Rod, Check the pressure/vac line from the plenum to the ecu, That is normally the problem from the symptoms you describe. Erol
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    help with what size throttle bodies to use

    What manifold are you using ? If the Tb's are on the std lower manifold then that is a large restriction.
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    help with what size throttle bodies to use

    What makes you think it is "not doing the job" ? 8 - 40mm Tb's will supply over 500bhp With std valve sizes you will not get anywhere near this figure. I used 50mm slide throttles on Bob Muir's race engine, it gave 534bhp at 8800 and 338lb/ft at 7800. As the engine was never meant to run...
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    help with what size throttle bodies to use

    Hi John, Definately an Ex now, retired to the coast. I built a 1UZ fitted to a Mazda Miata, 280deg cams - ported heads - std valves - 4AGE TB's ( the smaller of the 2 sizes available ), fitted to New Zealand manifold. rev limiter set at 8200, 216rwkw and power still on the way up. Max torque...
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    How Good is Your Tuner?

    Hey guys, slow down a bit ! The Autronic ECU displays manifold pressure as an absolute pressure. Atmospheric pressure in Sydney is around 105kpa so you have around 142 kpa of boost. You should take up Justen's offer, your tuner needs to be "at home" with the Autronic, there are trim tables...
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    is 400 - 500 BHP na possible?

    he is "pulling your leg" Try working out the bhp and lb/ft figures, they do not add up. 480bhp at 10000 = 252lb/ft 534bhp at 8800 = 318lb/ft - max torque 338lb/ft at 7800 = 502bhp 562bhp at 10000 = 295lb/ft 550lb/ft at ???? Sure does drop a lot of torque to max bhp. Standard and Kelford...
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    is 400 - 500 BHP na possible?

    4 litre, non VVti, single 4 barrel ???? Has he run that on an engine dyno or is it an estimate ????
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    is 400 - 500 BHP na possible?

    If you haven't got room for a turbo - you haven't got room for this, and I think John is understating just how deep your pockets need to be. At Flywheel 534bhp at 8800 - 338lb/ft at 7800 definately NOT streetable !