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    Power steering pump

    Here's a question , is the Lexus power steering pump good enough for the heavy weight of a 4WD , the Lexus pump usually operates a rack and pinion but I'm using a big clunky steering box . I'm thinking of getting the matching Mitsi pump and installing it in place of the 1UZ one , or am I wasting...
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    Quad Turbo??

    I'm not far off finishing my current project and already planning the next. Thinking outside the square , two sets of twin turbos off 6 cylinder supra . Apparently these are sequential , I'm thinking the second turbo comes on after the first . So what about this on the V8 but 2 lots (quad...
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    Pajero V8

    I have finally started my Pajero V8 project .Have bought a front sump '96 1UZ ,knowing that a mid or rear sump will fit better, but these motors are so versatile I figured on getting a mid sump or rear sump and swap the sumps to suit .Trouble is the mid will need work to fit and the rear are...
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    Auboxto gear

    After an auto gearbox with bellhousing (1uz-fe) .Also a front-sump assembly to test fitment in my conversion project