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  1. Zuffen

    Fuel Economy

    MY 1UZ lives in a 1900KG (almost 2 ton for Imperial measurement people) 4X4 and usually delivers around 17litres/100km (or 14M/USG for the others) which I think is reasonable considering a standard Range Rover of the era mine is would give around 23litre/100km or 10M/USG. Recently I've been...
  2. Zuffen

    Mechanical Fan Bracket

    Chasing a mechanical fan bracket complete with pulley. Located in Sydney but happy to travel a bit or pay whatever postage and handling on top of purchase price.
  3. Zuffen

    Intermittent Weirdness

    After 6,000k's of reliable running the 1UZ has decided to do my head in, again! There have been no changes made to the wiring or work in the engine bay in the last 6 months. Over the last 2 weeks the car will fire up and run well for a few minutes then just stop. Fortunately each time...
  4. Zuffen

    Looking to swap an engine loom

    I'm helping a mate out with a custom car he's fitting a 1UZ in to. He purchased a damaged LS400 with a sick engine and as part of the deal he swapped the engine/trans for a Soarer (SC400) engine and trans the seller had. When over at his place the other day I worked out he had the LS400...
  5. Zuffen

    Road Trip Coming Up

    Next Friday I set off on a road trip to a place called Wallabadah about 325klm from home. For Aussies this is just south of Tamworth on the New England Highway. After a weekend of 4x4 activity I then set off for Tweed Heads another 650klm away. After a few days visiting my 90 year old Mum...
  6. Zuffen

    Is the UZ series still the way to go

    Whilst convalescing I'm giving thought to the replacement for my FARGO. The vehicle is very repairable (it still drives and needs 2 lights replaced to be legal) I think it's time for the next project. The next vehicle looks like it will be based on 1990's Nissan Sereena, re-bodied into a cab...
  7. Zuffen

    Read this, have a laugh but think how it could have turned out!

    This is a fairly long and involved story of how cutting corners and making assumptions can cause you difficulties. Please read it with the humour I intend it to have but PLEASE really think about it. Some Board Members would know me for my yellow LS3 powered FARGO. Not the prettiest (or...
  8. Zuffen

    Codes 22, 24, 41 & 47

    Just so I don't get bored my car decided to throw a few codes at me. 22 Water temp sensor 24 Air intake temp sensor 41 TPS 47 Secondary TPS I can ignore 47 as I don't have a traction Control engine so that's easy. 22 & 24 are interesting as I've checked the sensors and both are...
  9. Zuffen

    Why did I move my ECU?

    I've had my ECU mounted in the passenger's footwell of my car for close to 10 years and it has never been a problem. My youngest son is starting to drive the car so I went with him on a few familiarity runs as it's heaps bigger than his Renault Clio R27. First thing I noticed was I...
  10. Zuffen

    Rear Sumps in Sydney

    Heads up guys. There are currently two Soarers at Pick and Payless Blacktown. Both have their sumps. One car is complete except for the AFM which I snaffled yesterday. I was literally the first person to open the bonnet as I had to remove the safety catch bolts to get it open.
  11. Zuffen

    Code 22

    My engine (90-92 Soarer) it throwing up a code 22, water temp sensor. I've checked the sensor with another and they read the same resistance so I feel I'm safe in saying it's OK. I've checked continuity of the earth (brown wire) and THW wire (pale green) back to both earth and the correct...
  12. Zuffen

    Running like a dog!

    I've just finished wiring an Sc400 (40/40/40 plug) engine into my 5 speed manual Rover. This is the 4th 1UZ in this car ( 1 stock and 2 supercharged engines and now back to basically stock) so I have a good idea of how they work. The current engine has the plenum turned around, headers...
  13. Zuffen

    Lex95sc400 Banned

    The above member was permanently banned for obscene language and abusive language. The ban will not be lifted. To all who read his posts we do our best to keep this sort of language out of this Forum and similar language will also see others banned permanently.
  14. Zuffen

    LS400 Steering Wheel Question

    A mate of mine is looking to fit an aftermarket steering wheel to an LS400 column he's fitted to an 1UZ powered Street Rod. He's hoping to fit a Momo style hub. Any suggestions what fits.
  15. Zuffen

    Coils and Igniters

    I'm looking for a set of coils, igniters and their mounting brackets for a 93 Soarer/SC400. Preferably in Sydney but happy to pay postage from anywhere.
  16. Zuffen

    Help me decide which engine

    As some will know I've sold off my supercharged engine as I'm just getting too old for it! I was originally going to replace it with an Chev/Holden LS3 but I figured the car is set up for th UZ so being lazy I've decided this is the way to go. I can get 1UZ's from about $1250.00 up to...
  17. Zuffen

    Should I or shouldn't I?

    I toying with the idea of selling off my supercharged engine. One of my sons will be able to legally drive the car next June and the other a couple of years after that. The vehicle as it stands isn't something I would want a young guy driving. In the wet it want's to swap ends without...
  18. Zuffen

    Lextreme gets around

    I was driving south out of Brisbane the other night when we overtook a truck that was obviously a race car transporter. Just as I passed the front of it there was a "LEXTREME" sign running down the cab behind the driver's door. Never noticed who's truck it was but I'm most curious to know...
  19. Zuffen

    Hilux/1UZ wreck for sale

    Whilst this may not be the best area to post this I came across a statutary write off of a Hilux with a 1UZ and manual conversion. A stat write off means the chassis or its number may not ever be re-registered in any state in Australia, but everything else may be re-used. This could be...
  20. Zuffen

    Come and get it

    In Sydney. I've got lots of 1UZ stuff hanging around my garage. I would rather it in your garage than mine. Come and take it away. If you feel so inclined send money to [email protected] and we'll all benefit. Call me on 0419 446 700 or send me a PM. This is the start of my...