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    Single Turbo 1UZ MKII Supra Project

    Have just watched your vid on my big screen ( gotta love chrome cast ). Great looking car Mike
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    Single Turbo 1UZ MKII Supra Project

    How bout oil pressure , these engines do run nice and smooth . Haven't been on here for awhile but your build is fantastic .
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    Pajero V8

    Haha not that clued up mate ... You might be able to source an adaptor from South Africa , they seem to do a lot of Lexus conversions there I've heard they do a manual adaptor for $700 odd for the Pajero manual box . Good luck with your conversion . I've got a friend on Facebook whose done a...
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    Pajero V8

    SOLD it today , am happy to answer questions the best I can if anyone's interested
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    1ZUFE into Mitsubishi Delica

    There's one of these with a super charged 1UZ, Google should find it .
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    Lexus to '98 NL Pajero

    Sounds like a perfect opportunity to do the Lexus conversion mate, check what gearbox you have first off . I got $800 for my Diesel engine with a spun crank pulley , so you should get a bit for yours to get started on the conversion
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    mazda gearbox?

    The adaptor plate might be the hard part , are R154 boxes too pricey .
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    Pajero V8

    Just a brief update , have put in a new battery . The two I had weren't holding their charge . Moved the fuel pump ( but still thinking I may put it in the engine bay now that one battery is gone) . Have a petrol model brakebooster to try out as I'm thinking that the deisel version I had isn't...
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    1uz power steering question.

    Just noticed your thread, I had a bit of trouble with my power steering , and found that if I started the engine then removed the power steering filler cap , then wound the steering back and forths a lot ( I mean ALOT ) air bubbles would accumulate in the resouvoir . The pump whines abit during...
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    1UZFE - Lexus fan idler assembly to replace Hydraulic fan pump

    Hey Eddie this is what Gloverman sells , but he might be able to help in regards to a pulley for yours
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    Pajero V8

    Right got the exhaust sort of completed , it's 63mm twins into a collector then connected onto the old deisel system ......will get it done properly later , I just wanted to quiet it down so I can test drive it a bit further than my driveway
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    Code 22

    Always the simple things come back to bite mate !!
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    Pajero V8

    Still tinkering , have a query . When welding the exhaust shall I disconnect the ECU , or just the battery + and neg
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    power steering high pressure SS line size?

    I've been having issues to, but I'm thinking I've nailed it to be air . If you jack the wheels off the ground remove the resouvoir cap run the engine and turn the steering from side to side . Then shut down , if air bubbles out then that's it . You might have to do it a few times , mines still...
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    1UZ Ignition timing problem

    what about the 02 sensors , the manifold ones and also the ones further along the exhaust (I know Lexus have the extra ones) , these may have been interfered with by your exhaust people
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    1UZ no sparks issue?

    Great mate, I've found the 31 code was due to not having the sensor wire feed . I think tracing one of these back thru the loom I found it then connected up and it cleared
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    1UZ no sparks issue?

    I think STA needs a wire from the starter relay to tell the ECU the motor is starting. Could be wrong of course .
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    Alternator help please!! Here ya go this may help
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    1997 1UZFE 3-5 second start issue

    Where bouts in NZ are you
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    1997 1UZFE 3-5 second start issue

    Sensor power supply? Also coils injectors igniters they maybe getting power during start but cutting out , have you a diagram to trace each circuit?