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    1UZ n/a engine dyno results

    1uz 4.0 ltr n/a todays engine dyno results.
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    Camshaft bolt - Metric v Imperial

    Just to add fuel to the fire re metric v imperial. Has anyone tried to purchase the bolt that retains the camshaft sprockets to the camshaft ? Here in Oz they are special order ex Japan and 6 weeks delivery. They are 11mm dia (non standard) and this thread size is NOT AVAILABLE in Oz. Anyone...
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    Any interest in Vernier Cam Gears

    Having yesterday sheared a camshaft gear drive pin when push starting the car, I am looking at manufacturing a vernier setup with provision for an additional larger drive pin. The drive pin MAY???? be marginal when used with big cams/springs/rpm. Dont know if it was caused by something else at...
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    VW Kombi 1UZ conversion

    Have a customers VW Kombi flatbed 1UZ at the moment. Setting up an Autronic SM4 ECU. Will get some pics posted in the next few days.