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    Adaptronic and TV8 R154 conversion

    As title states, I have an adaptronic E420c with a PNP harness that KC95SC400 made awhile back. I also have a pipe with the AIT sensor welded into, along with a map sensor. I'd like to get 600 shipped for this. I also have a R154 swap kit. I would like to get 700...
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    Terrible running SC'ed SC400

    Okay guys, I haven't driven my SC for quite some time since I was working on another project. So here are the specs: 92 SC400, Fish Bracket Vortech V1 Stock ECU, injectors removed EGR W58 Pretty much after the blower the car has ran like straight crap. The car bucks and misses...
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    Weird rich condition ONLY at 2K?

    Okay this is kinda weird, but at 2000-2200 RPM's my car runs rich. The wideband goes to 12:1 and stays there. If I change my SAFC settings to lean, it'll go back and forth on the gauge, super lean then super rich. Then it'll go to 12:1. I'm thinking it's my o2 sensors since I've...
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    KMV Sensor

    Hey guys, what are y'all doing with the KMV sensor? I keep killing these damn things. The silicone in them keeps blowing out. I'm about to silicone one up to see if it does anything
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    WTS Adaptronic E420c

    Looking to offload some stuff. First is an Adaptronic E420c ECU that I bought with a harness that KC95SC400 made for his 95 SC400. I'd like to sell this as a package for $600.00, I've decided to stay piggy back since my FIC is already wired, and I don't really see a huge gain for going...
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    Used Vortech question

    Hey guys, after searching and searching, I finally decided to break down, and ask. What vehicles use a CCW Vortech? I've been looking to buy a used one, but I have no idea what I'm looking for. I found mustangs use a CCW, but it's actually a CW (thanks Thermactor) that's flipped around...
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    Help with Vortech Verification

    I found a Vortech V-1 T-Trim on craigslist, it's not local, but I don't mind traveling. Anyway, it came off of an 89-93 5.0 and I'm not sure if it's CCW or not. I plan to use the fish, and I'm not sure if it'll work for me though. I found a few pics of the SC on the mustang, and the head...
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    AFM Verification?

    Okay guys, so I've been thinking about something for awhile now. If the MKIII guys are using our AFM's and they are going leaner (with stock injectors). If we were to go with MKIII/SC300 AFM, we should run richer correct?
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    LS Fan Bracket + clutch fan?

    Hey guys just a quick question everyone who deleted the hydro pump on the SC400 with the LS fan bracket, are you guys still able to use the clutch fan? Or did you move to an electric? It seems like my hydrofan is slowly dying, and I do have the LS fan bracket, but I'm just worried if the LS...
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    Selling 1uz swap for MKIII

    NAME: Steven Nguyen EMAIL: [email protected] LOCATION: Killeen, TX PHONE: PM/Email Hey guys, I'm selling my 1uz swap parts. The car was running, until it got hit by a semi. What's all included is: Engine Mounts Bellhousing to W58 Transmission ACT Stage 1 Clutch and PP for...
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    Need front sump, have rear sump to trade, USA/TX

    As title states, I'm looking for complete front sump (bolts, upper and lower pan, windage tray, and dip stick), and I will have rear to trade. Thanks, Steve
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    S13 to 1UZ wiring info?

    Hey guys, Long story short, my MKIII died today, so now I'm planning to swap everything into my s13 TRACK car. Can anyone help me with wiring? I'm trying to keep it minimalist, as I won't A/C and I don't need the factory gauges to work, nor power steering. Also everything will be ran to a...
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    How is everyone installing their Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR)? I'm a bit confused since we have two of them. Are people installing it on the right (USDM Passenger) side of the car?
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    Boosting the 1uz/learn as you go!

    Alright guys, I've been a member here for awhile now, and I've just recently boosted my 1uz. There have been a few things I've noticed that I wanted to point out to everyone that I couldn't find through searching and lurking. A little about my car, 88 Supra, original turbo, now 1uz powered...
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    2uz crank in early 1uz?

    So if the rods are the same length, what stops us from using a 1uz block, with a 2uz crank, matched with 1uz rods and piston? I'm sure at that point we'd have interference between the valves and pistons though. I did remember someone mentioning the girdle was different between the two...
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    WTB SC4 Dip stick

    As the title states, I'm looking for a dipstick from a 92 SC4. Need it shipped to 76543. Please PM me with offers Thanks, Steve
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    Project Thread Seal on the back of left side of motor?

    So I boosted my MKIII Supra, with a Holset HX35 running five psi currently, and I popped out the rear cap deal on the valve cover. I went ahead and used Honda Ultra Flange II (what they use for valve cover, really strong stuff) and it seems like it's holding fine. However I know this is...
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    Single O2 Sensor?

    I have a four wire unit on my 1uz, I was wondering if there was a way to rewire both my primary o2 sensors together and run it at my y-pipe (MKIII with 1uz). The reason is because reaching the o2 sensors in the stock location is a major pain the rear. I'm sure I tie the signal wires...
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    1uz to ma70....again

    Hey guys, I've got a 93 SC400 1UZ, stuffed in my turbo 88 MKIII chassis. I'm using a harness from a non-turbo 7m though. Anyway I followed everything from Mike and Bryan ( and I'm getting no spark, i haven't checked fuel yet cause my lines aren't hooked up and the green wire...
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    single turbo manifold?

    Roughly, how much would it cost to commission someone to build a ST manifold for a sc400? I'm not a fabricator so I'd rather not attempt....anyway what would some of you guys charge for something like that? Steve