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    Tilton Triple Plate Clutch & Flywheel

    100 miles old Genuine Tilton triple plate clutch for R154 spline pattern. Just back from CCS in the UK (tilton dealer) for a refresh, all new plates. Flywheel to suit button clutch (as above). £1000 for the lot. Over £4800 new.
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    R154 Complete Conversion + Tilton Clutch

    Complete R154 conversion kit for UZ V8. Low mileage (40k) gearbox freshly rebuilt tilton triple plate clutch tilton release bearing + custom mounting 154 > UZ bellhousing adapter. Ready to bolt on £1800 ono
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    Alternator - UK

    I'm after an alternator, ideally in the UK for a soarer, but I don't mind an LS400 one if the wiring connector is present too.
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    1uz > r154 full conversion kit

    Comes with: Bellhousing Clutch - 6 puck sprung plate, it's done around 20 miles, suitable for 600hp. Flywheel (with ring-gear attached) Bellhousing Release bearing Clutch fork Clutch pivot Slave cylinder Everything required to convert the motor to a manual transmission basically...
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    Knock Sensor

    As above, one knock sensor, the connector on mine crumbled. Thanks
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    ARP Flywheels Bolts

    I'm after some ARP flywheel bolts for my 1UZ, 4AGE ones will do too. The last clutch dump saw all 6 stock flexplate bolts shear off and I'm currently without any drive. Thanks Ben
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    Project Thread 1UZ-T MK4 Supra

    Just got around to posting a project thread, I'll fill in all of the blanks tonight and do a full write up. For now, here's the only old picture of it that I can find: It currently lives in this:
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    Spark Plug Advice?

    What would be the recommended plugs to run on a 1UZ with ~20psi down it's throat? Thanks Ben
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    1UZ Stock ECU, coils, igniters, ht leads

    As above, removed as gone standalone. ECU £50 + P&P Offers on the rest?
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    1UZ Gasket Set

    As above, preferably with cometic head gaskets.
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    Knock Sensor (In UK)

    As above for the 1UZ engine, one of mine snapped whilst removing the loom. Thanks Ben
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    Aftermarket rods, pistons, bearings, bolts etc

    Pistons + Rods Aftermarket please, ideally low compression. Also after ACL bearing sets, and ARP bolts. All items need to be shipped to the UK. Cheers
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    1GZ-FE Engine, R154 Speed sensor + Martin Crawler VSS

    As above please. I'm in the UK.
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    soarer v8 gearbox

    as above, in northumberland, uk. Good condition, comes with converter and flywheel. £100.
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    Swap / Sell Auto Transmission + More

    For sale or swaps are: Torque Converter Gutted Cats, EGR Valve + all pipes Auto Transmission (1uz) Auto Bellhousing (1uz) Exhaust manifolds (1uz) Parts I require are: Alternator Maf sensor and intake pipe (between sensor and manifold) N/S engine mount.
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    UZZ31 Basic ECU Wiring

    I've been trying to find the basic wiring for the above. Its about to go into a Supra however I want to fire it up on the engine stand first. Does anyone have a basic wiring diagram to get this fired up? Thanks in advance. Ben