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  1. 20vseven

    1uz hilux 400 hp

    Yes - it was a 1uz. Made 560 nm torque and 220 kw - measured at the tyres on a rolling road dyno.
  2. 20vseven

    1uz hilux 400 hp

    Something bigger than that cost me 30 hp at the wheels (11lb boost setup). It was a bit embarrassing as removing the filter was the last thing we tried after chasing a couple of horsepower here and there. You need something bigger diameter and twice as long!
  3. 20vseven

    Some Help(noooob)

    The bypass valve is vacuum operated and opens at part throttle to minimise the work the supercharger does while it is churning away but not making boost. Basically a fuel economy measure - that you will probably need once you start enjoying the car!
  4. 20vseven

    Water injection - before and after results?

    Running larger Supra injectors. Exhaust is a bit freer flowing than stock but lengths are all over the place to make it fit. Changed the sound quite a bit though! As I said, If I sort the restrictive muffler then the power should be about 220 -225 rwkw - almost exactly what the spreadsheet on...
  5. 20vseven

    Water injection - before and after results?

    Two jets fitted upstream of the throttle body - nominally rated at 600 hp. Just one jet dropped the temp about 25C so noticed the difference with the second operating. Probably better to fit at least one near the supercharger inlet so mist is entrained, not water flowing along the manifold walls.
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    Water injection - before and after results?

    Dynoed the car. Intake temps without injection were about 95C. Dropped to about 60C with the water /meth injection. Added a couple of degrees timing to about 19 degrees (on 98 octane) plus pulled out some fuel as the meth had richened it a bit. However I had changed the muffler which had...
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    Water injection - before and after results?

    Thanks for that. The Gen 5 M90 map indicated it might still be near 50% efficient at peak revs but inlet temp still at 130C+ so plenty of scope for cooling here! Mine is probably an earlier version so less efficient/higher temps. Agree a larger pulley/less boost would possibly give a...
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    Water injection - before and after results?

    Ok - I'll probably use an oil pressure switch to trigger on boost. I'll let you know if I can then find the missing kW!
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    Water injection - before and after results?

    Thanks for that. Did you have a flow controller/staged nozzles or just switch them all together at a fixed boost level?
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    Water injection - before and after results?

    I have upped the boost on my M90 supercharged 1uz from 7 to 11 psi. Good improvement in torque and power at lower revs but this falls away markedly above about 3500 rpm. Peak power before was 190 kW, now 200 rwkw - about the same as a stock LS1 on the rolling road I used. I believe the reason...
  11. 20vseven

    1uzfe head specs?

    Try talking to Dave Rosewarne at Cylinder Head Specialists. He builds big hp heads for stockcar motors
  12. 20vseven

    Anyone using A1 Turbos in New Zealand's blower manifold?

    Doing one now. Needs very minor grinding near some injectors and fuel rail just hits supercharger body. All small stuff. Damien has been pretty helpful
  13. 20vseven

    1UZFE Powered E30 at the track

    Ken, You finally joining the UZFE clan? (1:38 - MX5 V8)
  14. 20vseven

    Dry Sump

    Try Cylinder Head Specialists in Chch. They build up stockcar engines. Cheers
  15. 20vseven

    Had the V8 e30 on the track! Action ooooo year

    Damn, I should have been there! It looks like a good field. I'll claim I'm saving my tyres for the Clubsport National at Easter. The mazda seems to eat them - strangely enough.
  16. 20vseven

    So my motor caught fire... anyone got plastic cover?

    Andy, Tough break. Talk to Dave Rosewarne at Cylinder Head Specialists. He has got a few bits and pieces that may help. Cheers Jeremy
  17. 20vseven

    rear mount turbo

    Used a Tilton gearbox cooler pump on a rear mount set up I tried for a little while. Cheers
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    V8 BMW E30 in action

    I'll be there. Just repaired both broken sway bar mounts - front and rear. Went surprisingly well, especially as the driver didn't notice!
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    Completed rear mount turbo sc400

    Tried a rear mount setup with twin Subaru turbos in the back of a lexus powered Miata. Made 285 RWHP at 5lb - same as stock LS1 powered holdens on the same dyno. Used a Tilton diff cooler pump for oil return. Didn't boost until about 3500 rpm. Then it fried the clutch! Cheers.
  20. 20vseven

    Christchurch Meet?

    Right - no problems with grip. Just nasty to drive. Do you use a 9.5" or 10" flywheel. I'm just on the MR2 version. Thanks