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    1uz block uk.

    its just for test fitting and trying things out on. Doesn't matter if it dead. needs to be cheap and in the uk.
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    1uz intake manifolds and 1uz diet questions

    First can I use the later 1uz intake manifold on a earlier 1uz two reasons for this 1. I can't shut the hood down. 2. The 92 earlier intake doesn't seem the best design. If I can't use the later 1uz are there any intake manifold flanges for sale or are they custom jobs? Second I have a...
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    1uz spec advice

    I was planning on building a 1uz turbo or twin turbo but after seeing some peoples builds I'm now leaning on staying N/A The 1uz seems to get mixed results. The car will be run on 98 ron(uk fuels) So was after reading a bit and talking to a few uk guys I have come to this spec: Early 1uz(non...
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    1uz fe engine year

    There are a few people selling engines but they are out of the car and have no idea if its the pre 1994 engine or the 1994 on engine. So is there a date or serial number on the block that i can work out a date from? if so where is it? Sorry if its been covered but i couldn't find it.
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    Front sump and cams for 1uz uk

    I need a 1uz (92) sc400 (soarer) front sump and 1uz bell housing. I have a rear sump should you need it :) I'm in the uk. What you got? really in need of both :)