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    Who has dynoed lately

    Who has dynoed lately it would be great to see how much power out of there projects and how they managed it ?
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    a stupid question

    i know this is a stupid question but can a 1uz-fe ecu talk to a 05 holden rodeo abs and air bags computers and not have problams with them? or is there a way to change the signal to change it to the right one?
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    1UZ-fe with surf 4x4 auto in a 05 rodeo

    I have been looking around for ideas on what to put in my holden rodeo ute and I keeped coming across this site and desided to put a 1UZ in it so what model 1UZ would you recomend to put in and will it be easy to bolt a toyota surf 4x4 auto on to it and what would i have to do to make them...