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    Idle Speed Control Valve clicking? (IAC)

    Hi all I just put a new water pump etc into the car and now. I think my Idle speed control valve is clicking. It sounds like its hunting around. Maybe I need to clean it and/or bleed the coolant. I’m not experiencing any idle or running problems.
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    Correct Drive belt for 90 Celsior

    Hi all Just finished replacing my water pump. And I bought a new Drive belt (fan belt), I recieved a Dayco 6PK2250 and it was challenging to fit. The belt I took off was a 6PK2275 (a bit longer?). Did I recieve the correct belt for a 1990 Celsior? (Hydrualic fan) Would the...
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    How to tighten crank bolt ?

    Hi GUys I just finished taking my 1uzfe apart due to a bad water pump. how do I tighten the crank bolt up to 181ft/lbs. I can only get it to 90ft/lb. Do I need a good air gun? Thanks
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    Fluid leak above crank pully 1990 Celcior

    Hi I just bought a 1990 UCF11 Celsior last week, and I decided to change the engine oil. Which was straight forward, as expected. I put in 5L of Penrite semi synthetic oil and I bought a new Toyota Oil fiter (90915-YZZD4) and I also installed a new sump plug gasket (90430-12031). The car has...