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    Lextreme Cams?

    I have a 1UZ with the Stage-II Lextreme camshafts and after taking the engine apart for piston work, the engine runs rough. Is it possible that the Lextreme camshafts are supposed to be offset?
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    Do I need an new ECU?...

    Short story: My 1UZ non-VVT has been built up with 12:1 pistons, high-lift cams, oversized valves, and exhaust manifolds. I thought the stock ECU would be able to handle it, but I learned the hard way that it couldn't and now the car doesn't run well at all. Do I need a new aftermarket ECU...
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    Help me choose Cams

    Okay, so I finally ran into some money and I've been thinking about a cam upgrade. As far as I know, Kelford are the only ones that I know of that readily provide drop in parts. Taking a look at their selection, I've been wanting to go with their set with these specs: i: 298 / e: 298...
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    Convince me to stay NA

    OBX ITB for $840 I'm REEEALLY tempted... :(
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    Do I need fuel pump/fuel regulator?

    hey guys. I tried asking this on CL, but no luck. I'm getting components together to supercharge my 1UZ. I plan on running about 9-10psi. So the question is would I need a performance fuel pump and/or fuel pressure regulator? I here different things. I've had someone tell me that I...
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    Thanks, Random EMS!

    While getting together needed components for my build, I was looking for a good high-performance ECU. I eventually set my heart on a Wolf V500. After sending out inquiries to the 5 listed distributors for North America, I only got a reply back from 3, one told me to look else where. Bob of...
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    Where can I get some injectors?

    I'm looking for some 440-460cc injectors that plug right into the 1UZ. Anybody know of a retailer that has these?
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    Question about the Bullet kit

    Hi guys Looking into getting an M112 from a Cobra/Lightning For my SC 400 and I know that Bullet Cars makes a kit for them. However upon emailing them, they replied that they aren't sure if it's a direct bolt-on without further modification to the kit or fitment under the stock hood. From...
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    Shops in the Cheyenne/Denver Area?

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a mechanic in this area knowledgeable of the 1UZ. I've had this engine for almost 3 years now and I think it's time for upgrades. If anybody knows of anyone, please drop me a line. Thanks!