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    T100 Transfer case and adapter

    My "local" junkyard just got in a 4WD 3.4 AT T100. I'm willing to go pull the transfer case and adapter. This would be all the major parts (you might want to replace gaskets, seals, bearing, bolts, and you'll need to make/modify a couple things) to convert the 1UZ A340E to 4WD with the RH front...
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    87 4Runner 1UZ swap, get comfy

    Here's the Truck: IMG_52134495177976 by Numbchux, on Flickr I've had this thing for about 10 years. Bought it with a blown 22RTE (loose drain plug after oil change), put a 22RE in it which had been really poorly maintained and blew a head gasket. I decided I wanted more power, so about 8 years...
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    A340E Output Nut/Socket size

    I guarantee this is documented somewhere on the world wide interwebz....but I can't seem to bring together the right combination of search terms to reveal it.... I need to remove the driveshaft flange/extension housing on an A340E from a '94 SC400. I don't have any sockets deep enough to check...
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    1UZ/A340/87 4Runner, Transfer case options?

    First off, I have to apologize, as I know this has been done many many times, and probably well-documented. This is one of those scenarios where there's actually so much information out there that it's hard to actually sort out specific answers. I've been searching and reading build threads so...