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    87 4Runner 1UZ swap, get comfy

    I am working on digital versions of the diagrams during my few free moments in the evenings. I will absolutely share them as they develop. My goal is to have a complete pdf Electrical Wiring Diagram file for my truck, containing the relevant diagrams for all remaining 4Runner circuits, the added...
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    02 rear sensor delete with no additional parts and no check engine light

    There was a post in one of the Facebook groups about this, and Kelvin @gloverman said he's un-done many vehicles that were done this way, as it caused problems. Maybe he'll chime in with more/better information. I've found many things about that write-up are not correct, so take it all with a...
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    Looking to buy 2UZ ASAP
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    sealing vacuum outlets - question for Gloverman

    Looking at my spreadsheet, I had 4 of these caps. I think these covered the smaller diameter vacuum lines and I think I used an aftermarket one for the purge line (although, I intend to hook that up once I get a canister installed). 9033903005 The cap for the coolant lines to the EGR and...
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    87 4Runner 1UZ swap, get comfy

    Yep, I've already made the cables, just a matter of finalizing their routing and securing them.
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    87 4Runner 1UZ swap, get comfy

    Bent up this simple sheet metal box to mount in place of the factory fuse box, but fit nicely behind he SC400 airbox and leave much more room for breakers, fuses and relays. 2021-06-07_09-18-53 by Numbchux, on Flickr But the really exciting news was these custom etched carling rocker switch...
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    1uzfe to gen 6 Celica?

    A big challenge is physical size. I own a 5th gen Celica GT, and a 1UZ. Physically fitting it (length of the engine, width of the engine bay) would be rough, probably would require notching the frame rail on that side. The transverse V6s (VZ, MZ, GR) are narrower Vs than the UZ (60* vs 90*). I...
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    What can I DELETE??

    Good video about all the cooling lines: And I think this is the good video about the vacuum solenoids. Spend a few more hours watching his videos. There's a TON of information there. I assume that engine is the same as my '94 SC400. I don't know if there was the California option in '92...
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    87 4Runner 1UZ swap, get comfy

    First draft of the new front wiring harness/fuse boxes. There's a couple things that will change, and I'll make a clearer digital version as I go, but just for planning out the basics. 20210518_165941 by Numbchux, on Flickr Adding relays for the Engine into the box, replacing the single...
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    87 4Runner 1UZ swap, get comfy

    More exhaust work. RH manifold is done. 2021-05-18_10-30-38 by Numbchux, on Flickr Working on electrical. Replacing the entire front harness and fuse box. Relocating the main JCase fuses to the LH side next to the battery, as most of the circuits for those go into the bulkhead harness there...
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    87 4Runner 1UZ swap, get comfy

    I've played with the exhaust some more, that's coming together. Slipped some fire sleeve over the power steering pressure line and transmission dipstick tube. Had a couple hours at home, by myself this morning. Started it up, revved it a few times. Drove it up onto ramps so I can better work on...
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    Alternator voltage drops to 10.4 with headlights on 88 cressida

    Yea, your alternator Sense wire should be wired as close to the battery as possible to keep the voltage there correct. So it sounds like that's working as the voltage is correct at the battery. But if you've got voltage drop between there and your other circuits, you've got a bad connection...
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    87 4Runner 1UZ swap, get comfy

    Again, managed a few hours of the last few days. I disconnected my front harness that I had made, and used my DMM to make sure I routed all the wires correctly. I put it back together, and watched the voltage on that Ignition relay. And it worked perfectly, and the engine started right up. So I...
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    87 4Runner 1UZ swap, get comfy

    I spent some time this weekend chasing some odd issues. First, it took much longer than I expected to prime the oil system, but finally got it to reliably trip the pressure switch (which, is only a few psi, but it's something). Then I got everything plugged in, battery hooked up, and went to...
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    87 4Runner 1UZ swap, get comfy

    Finally, some progress!! I'm finally doing what Kelvin told me to do 2 years ago... I built a brand-new harness for the front of the motor, new connectors, new wire, new wrap. And added new cam sensors. A few new connectors for elsewhere on the motor. I'm not used to such nasty brittle...
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    1Uzfe getting hot only at idle

    Generally speaking, that's an airflow issue. Are your fans coming on? Are the new ones capable of adequate volume (maybe the old ones were wearing out, new one is not adequate...)? Pushing or pulling? If pulling, are they shrouded? Do you have A/C? If so, is the condenser clean? Anything else...
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    Fuel pump won't work - but works when 12V applied from battery.

    I would start here. Do you have battery voltage to B+? If it does, I'd check continuity between FP, and the output from the fuel pump controller, and the pump itself.
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    Toyota boats built with 1UZ

    Yep. About 10 years ago I saw a waterski show that was sponsored by Toyota. IIRC they were using 4 of them (which probably meant they had more).
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    1UZ-FE Weight

    This one is from a '94 SC400. Obviously with wiring harness, ignitors, MAF, flex plate, oil pan. No accessories or exhaust manifolds. 2021-02-16_04-54-04 by Numbchux, on Flickr
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    T100 Transfer case and adapter

    My "local" junkyard just got in a 4WD 3.4 AT T100. I'm willing to go pull the transfer case and adapter. This would be all the major parts (you might want to replace gaskets, seals, bearing, bolts, and you'll need to make/modify a couple things) to convert the 1UZ A340E to 4WD with the RH front...